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Haircut One Hundred – Pelican West (1982)

January 26, 2015

[Album 371/1001]220px-Pelican_West

Word association time.

I say Preppy, you think ___________.

Did you say Zack Morris?  If so, chances are we already get along just fine.*

I try to avoid judging books by covers but considering the band name and youthful, often sweater-clad band members, it seemed like the style was an important part of the Pelican West package.

On the front cover at least, none of the six members opted for the sweater tied-around-the-shoulders-look.  Regardless, if I’m not mistaken, the term ‘preppy’ was and would continue to be an appropriate style description of the lads in Haircut One Hundred (H100).  Without meaning to be overly insulting or complimentary, the gentleman on the top left looks like he could have been Zack’s cool, older British cousin on a bottle episode of Saved By The Bell (SBTB).

Pelican West actually reminded me a bit of the appeal of SBTB: it was instantly accessible, feel-good fun.  Just like I prefer SBTB in self-contained episodes, H100 is effective in half-hour-ish installments like this one.  Those who grew up with H100 were probably quite pleased when the group recently reunited, much like the buzz that inevitably accompanies SBTB retrospectives.

Finally, Pelican West sounds & looks like the 80s, but holds up well.

Much like Zack Morris in this video from 2009 – still, remarkably I might add, looking & sounding exactly like he did decades ago!

(YouTube alas did not deliver a decent quality video, apparently is now the destination for hidden world wide web gems)


* I briefly contemplated a follow-up association, I say AC, you say _____.  Although I immediately jumped to ‘Slater,’ I realized I overlooked AC (lightning bolt) DC, Air Conditioning, and Alternating Current among other logical options…I began to question my life choices that led to Mario Lopez’s acid-washed jeans reaching top-of-the-mind-awareness and decided to relegate the 2nd word association game to this long-winded footnote.

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  1. I recognize Love Plus One and Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl). I didn’t own this album, but Sirius XM would play these two songs on “80s on 8” a lot.

  2. 1980’s – Ewww! We didn’t really have the 1980’s in backwoods Wales, we had two lots of 70’s and went straight into the 90’s.

    • I think there was a quote in the first Austin Powers where he explains what he missed between 1967-1997: a gas shortage & a flock of seagulls!

    • Two 70s? That sounds… hellish. Not that the 80s would be a great trade, by and large. I dunno.

  3. “I say Preppy, you think _____________” my answer for that blank is Not At All. I try not to think about preppies.

    I do not know of this band at all – the first mention of them ever for me was when they were in your line-up shot on your couch with Lionel and Michael.

    Haircut 100… that’s how I will now think of all the jerkfaces in my highschool. The Haircut 100. It fits.

    • And they were new to me in this project – there’s a chance I may never hear from them again. I think that may be the case with a few of these artists – I’ll learn about, like while listening, and almost immediately forget

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