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Kate Bush – The Dreaming (1982)

January 24, 2015

[Album 370/1001]Kate_Bush_The_Dreaming_Cover

True/False: Girls Rule, Boys Drool.

Answer: Partially true.

I can neither confirm nor deny the latter but, as I’ve learned over the last few years, the former is most definitely true.

In November 2011, my music collection could be described as, to borrow a Conan O’Brien boy band skit, Dudez-a-Plenti.

I might have had the odd Diana Krall or Tori Amos CD but the gender inequality gap was enormous.

Since then, my music collection male/female ratio has improved considerably & I couldn’t be more pleased with many of the recent additions.

To list but a few:

There are of course, the formidable front-women from The Pretenders, Blondie, and Fairport Convention.

Throw in spectacular solo artists like k.d. lang, Missy Elliott, Gillian Welch, and Norah Jones.  Even with just that septet, it’s hard to say that girls do anything less than rule.

Finally, perhaps my favourite female of them all, Kate Bush.

I can see why people aren’t fans.  The Dreaming is undeniably out there.

I’d argue she’s like Bowie in that I’d call her a ‘niche’ artist: much like Ziggy, I adore her stuff but I don’t think I’d want to listen to anyone else attempting something comparable.

There’s a great line from Seinfeld where Kramer exclaims, “I’m out there Jerry and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Now, the context here could not be more different!

But a slight paraphrasing of the quote sums up my feelings nicely:  The Dreaming is out there and I’m loving every minute of it.

From → 1980s

  1. I certainly drool quite a lot, but I am getting on in years. This is a supremely strange and wonderful LP, one of John Lydon’s favourite ever albums. I think it’s a bit pushy to link to your own post in someone’s comments without being asked to but you seem to want this:

  2. I totally recognize the cover and what album it is, but I haven’t listened to this. I recognize it from 1537’s take, actually.

    • I think her voice (or as 1537 rightly observed, voices) would qualify as an acquired taste.
      Over the years, I’ve picked up the habit & am now hooked!

  3. A truly unique album! The title track is the bee’s knees! It’s my second favorite album from Kate, first being Hounds of Love (which plays out like a movie).

    • Ms. Coolsville, may I say you have excellent taste – both in music & expressions from the roaring 20s, that’s the cat’s meow!

      Unique is a good way of putting it – not like when someone serves an awful dinner and guests try to politely say “my, what a unique recipe” – but in that I don’t think I’ve heard anything quite like The Dreaming. I doubt I ever will!

  4. There is a pretty large gender gap in my music collection as well. I try to be more inclusive. I don’t own Kate Bush. The Donnas are more my speed. But I acknowledge her talent and genius all the same!

  5. I went to visit my grandmother in England back in the 80’s and Kate Bush was on T.V.— My grandmother said something like -“Oh, it’s Kate Bush, all that bloody screaming!” —I was hooked from that moment. 🙂 I love that bloody and hauntingly beautiful screaming.

  6. I don’t own any Kate Bush albums. Other than getting that she’s got something, I just never really got it …

    • Not to worry – the first one I heard was Hounds of Love and there were a few towards the end that I was (at first) left feeling a bit bemused.
      I’ve since bought right into the bizarre beauty of it all!

  7. Other worthy pop-rock ladies: Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams, Fiona Apple (yes, Fiona Apple), Laura Mvula. Some of my favorites.

  8. Answer: ALWAYS. Boys only drool because girls rule. Action, reaction.

    I’ve got TONS of female artists in my collection because MUSIC.

    Kate Bush is another one I know OF, but not nearly enough to be conversant on this topic. I will take you word for all of this and if anyone ever asks me about it, I’ll send them to your site, k?

    • Because Music indeed!
      And I’m far from a Kate expert but I’m certainly an enthusiast – I’ll try to refrain from drooling while doing so, but always happy to chat about her records!

  9. I worship her. I was going through your posts by decade and had to click on anything concerning her. I’ve listened to all the studio albums a million times. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite track from The Dreaming (or for that matter, any album of hers) but I like to think that I would feel “Suspended in Gaffa” if I ever saw her. To me, she’s an entire universe that only makes sense when you immerse yourself in it. I’ve been listening to the This Woman’s Work compilations lately of B-sides etc., and absolutely loving “Under the Ivy” and “My Lagan Love”.

    Just like David Bowie, I think there is great gender fluidity in her work so, perhaps, she surpasses any boys vs. girls comparison?

    • Yes! I love this comment ofopinions, much like learning a language, I agree, full immersion is the optimal way to learn & appreciate Kate’s work & world.

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