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The Bees – Sunshine Hit Me (2002)

January 9, 2015

[Album 365/1001]

Before I get to The Bees, a quick question: best supporting TV character of all time?

I’ll resist making a bee pun (self-restraint is tough when words like bee, hive, buzz, honey, sting & to a considerably lesser extent, apiary, lend themselves so nicely to wordplay) but G.O.B. has got to be in the running:


Alas, I don’t think G.O.B.’s less-than-brilliantly-executed bee business ever brought in much honey.  Sadder still, the brilliant show (Arrested Development) from whence it came was never the hit it likely deserved to be either.

I guess it’s hard to predict what’s going to take off in the entertainment business.

Considering the year delay between 2002 UK & 2003 US release dates for Sunshine Hit Me, I don’t think UK executives anticipated that this album would create the buzz that it eventually did (and there goes my self-restraint).

It’s a curious album, not undeserving of being a hit, but one whose commercial success was likely surprising.  There’s a great recurring gag on Arrested Development where different characters ask “her?” and I picture label execs having the same puzzled response when Sunshine Hit Me sales figures starting climbing, “Bees?”

An American band named Bees (“Bees?”) must have already been going strong in the early 21st Century as this group performs under the name “A Band of Bees” when in the States.

At the risk of revealing comically-high levels of ignorance, I didn’t know either Bee group prior to this week.  I recognized the tune A Minha Menina but chances are my familiarity with it stems from a commercial or movie soundtrack.

The eleven tracks here make for a diverse set, none of which are particularly memorable individually, but they work well as a whole.

I enjoy surprise hit stories & I enjoyed Sunshine Hit Me.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of those albums that ends up being enjoyably forgettable.

I can’t say for sure and as entertainment businesspeople will confirm, crystal balls are in short supply.  But I’m afraid when I’m asked about this group at some point down the road, I’ll probably end quoting Arrested Development without meaning to do so.


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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    As good as this album is, I would recommend lending your ear to 2004’s “Free the bees”. A much finer listen in my opinion.

    • I’d be happy to lend my ear, intrigued by the name, I’m listening to chicken payback as I type!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Great tune. So is These are the ghosts and Horsemen.

  2. Bees? totally passed me by, hive no excuses for that.

  3. First of all, G.O.B. is a great choice, but it could really apply to just about every character on that show. As for The (Band Of) Bees, I came to them late but eventually fell in love with their music. When their debut album came out I was curious but didn’t buy it, assuming it was another melodic power-pop band that wouldn’t live up to the greats that came before them. Then a few years ago I found a couple of their albums at a very cheap price and discovered that they were much more than melodic pop. I love their blend of classic ’60s rock & pop styles that somehow sounded fresh. Not sure I have a favorite out of their four albums but, as debuts go, Sunshine Hit Me is exceptionally good.

    • AD might have the finest ensemble cast I’ve seen!

      That description of blending old styles yet sounding fresh is a common theme among groups I tend to appreciate. I think I’ll keep an eye out for their other stuff and if I see it, as you said, at a very cheap price, I’ll give it a try.

  4. I may be an old fogey, but for me the best ensemble cast in a comedy was always Cheers. And supporting actor? Take your bloody pick. I’d say Carla today, but on another day it’d be Norm, or Coach, or…

    • Cheers might also have the best finale in recent memory, I thought they wrapped it up really nicely.

      Always been a Cliff Claven fan myself!

  5. And that’s not to knock AD. We LOVE AD. We own all the DVDs and this post reminds me it’s time to see them all again.

    • No knock taken – and the rewatching is rewarding! We just enjoyed season 3 again, when Tobias has the hairplugs it’s beyond hilarious but almost unwatchable!

  6. As for the Bees, I never heard of them. Interesting!

  7. A band and album that a few friends gushed about, but I can’t say I ever listened to them. Or recall hearing any o’ their songs.

    Arrested Development, though. That’s a different story. I could watch that over and over – the first two seasons in particular.

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