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Top 5 “It Was Back in ol’ ’72” Clips

December 29, 2014

“If there’s a goal that everyone remembers it was back in ol’ ’72”
– The Tragically Hip, Fireworks

There were far too many strong artists, songs & albums to make a satisfactory ‘Top 5’ list using any of those typical categories.

Instead, to keep pace with the inevitable onslaught of New Years time-saving solutions (Rock-hard abs in 8,7,6, now just 5 seconds!) here are my Top 5, 5-second clips from ol’ ’72.


5. The Rolling Stones, Sweet Virginia
Speaking of The Hip, as a foolish youth, I despised their song Boots or Hearts.  Now it’s probably my favourite on Up to Here.  Fortunately, Hip guitarist Robbie Baker was more enlightened than I was & there’s also a chance he heard this excellent Exile guitar part at some point before the Up to Here recording sessions.


4. Paul Simon, Duncan
I suppose this woodwind clip sounds a bit like the flutes from at least one other Simon & Garfunkel track – but hey, if it ain’t baroque!


3. Nick Drake, Pink Moon
Flutes are great of course but it’s tough to beat a perfectly placed guitar chord.  Especially when played in alternate tunings.


2. Neil Young, Old Man
The details, like this simple yet effective banjo line, have been an important part of my Neil Young conversion.


1. Stevie Wonder, Looking for Another Pure Love
On a recent jog, I was delighted to get a boost from Stevie’s spoken instruction of “do it Geoff.”  By conveniently ignoring the 1972 release date (9 years before my birth) and the liner notes of its parent album Talking Book (which would probably indicate the guitar was played by someone named Jeff), I can only assume he was addressing me directly!


The aforementioned Talking Book is one of the albums on tap for this week, enjoy!



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  1. Oh man. How the hell do you narrow a song down to a 5 second clip? Incidentally I didn’t know you could do that with embedded Youtube videos. That would have helped me when I was looking for a clip of Bubbles saying, “Not allowed lending!”

    Of your clips, Old Man scratches my itch the most.

  2. Good choices–and I was there! “Duncan” is my favorite Paul Simon song, and Talking Book is my favorite Stevie Wonder album. Still hafta go with Tonight’s the Night for Neil.

  3. I like the way Stevie magically reached through time and space to encourage you to pound the pavement that bit harder!

  4. I’m with Mike on this one. 5 seconds? Too short! 🙂

    That said, and you may wonder why the hell I bring this up, check out the piano solo (it’s a bit longer than 5 seconds) of Good Thing by the Fine Young Cannibals. Yes, THAT band from the 80s. I still think it’s brilliant. Always stuck in my head – not the whole song, just this bit (at 1:53 if that link doesn’t work to correct time)…

    • That would also be a worthy 5-ish second clip, I remember the tune but had forgotten the piano cameo!

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