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(Another) Top 5 Underplayed Christmas Tunes

December 22, 2014

Last year, I compiled a list of 5 holiday tunes that don’t tend to receive the airtime they likely deserve.

To celebrate December 22nd (Happy Festivus Eve!), another 5 Christmas tunes that are well worth a listen:


5. She & Him, Christmas Waltz
As subdued as it gets.  I’m a recent Zooey Deschanel convert, thanks to the often excellent ‘The New Girl.’  Incidentally, the character Schmidt seems destined for a future ‘Top 5 supporting characters’ list.


4. The Good Lovelies, Maybe This Time
May have seen sales for their 2009 album, Under the Mistletoe, get an accidental boost when Justin Bieber gave his Christmas album an identical name.


3. The Kinks, Father Christmas
Upbeat & a bit of alright.


2. weezer, The Christmas Song
Not exactly feel-good, festive fun.  But it’s honeymoon-era =w=eezer, of course it’s on the list!


1. Raffi, Petit Papa Noel
May be the ultimate artist in terms of consistency.  We’ve had the Raffi Christmas album on just about every day this month and there’s a quality to his performance that is never tiresome.  He doesn’t sing down to kids, it’s just pleasant, clean delivery that continues to age remarkably well.

Whatever you celebrate/don’t celebrate this week, have a terrific time doing/not doing it, enjoy!

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  1. That Kinks song is pretty awesome. A Xmas song about getting beat up by kids while dressed as Santa – subject matter you don’t get often in Xmas songs!

  2. Wonderful Kinks tune. Hoping to get some Kinks for Christmas this year.

    As for Zooey, I just watched a couple of her movies on Netflix. The New Guy, and Hitchhiker’s Guide. Neither were as good as my favourite Zooey movie, a Christmas flick called Elf!

  3. ianbalentine permalink

    Great, great selection of tunes, but what I really want to know is: how did your “Airing of grievances” go this year?

  4. I was just in the car today saying.. “why don’t the Christmas stations ever play the New Kids on the Block Christmas song? Husband “They had a Christmas song?” Me-eye roll .

  5. Zooey …. (sighs)

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