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Top 5 11/22/63 Song References

December 9, 2014

If this year on the blog is going to be about time travel, might as well go for soda start with a nod to the 2nd finest time travel adventure in recent memory:

Stephen King’s brilliant, and surprisingly moving, 11/22/63.

As I continue to check out music released 51 years ago, here are my Top 5 lyrical references to that fateful November day.


5. Sheryl Crow, Run Baby Run
“She was born in November 1963, The day Aldous Huxley died.”

Farah Fawcett passed away in late June 2009.  You might have missed it however as an entertainer named Michael Jackson died later that same day.

Aldous Huxley fans can relate, as he shares a date of death with C.S. Lewis and of course…


4. The Police, Born in the 50s
“My mother cried, When President Kennedy died”

Not the strongest song in their catalogue but a fine Police ditty all the same.  And speaking of The Police…


3. Tori Amos, Jackie’s Strength
“A Bouvier till her wedding day, Shots rang out, The Police Came”

Easily the prettiest of the quintet listed here.



2. The Postal Service, Sleeping In

“Last week I had the strangest dream, Where everything was exactly how it seemed, Where there was never any mystery of who shot John F. Kennedy”
Perhaps not as consistent a musical project as Death Cab For Cutie but The Postal Service had the better singles.  This one, for example.
1. Guns N’ Roses, Civil War
“And in my first memories, They shot Kennedy”
Not everyone likes the Use Your Illusions but few complain about II‘s opener, especially its terrific 2nd verse.
A pair of 1963 reviews are on deck for the week, enjoy!


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  1. THEY shot Kennedy…note the plural. I love that.

    Have not read the King book yet. Wishlist.

    • I hadn’t thought about that pluralization – I appreciate that 2nd verse even more now!

      Would highly recommend, it’s a long one, but well worth the time

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    Neat idea for a post. I haven’t read a Stephen King book in over a decade, back when I re-read The Talisman. Perhaps I should give that one a shot.

    • I haven’t read any of his horror books but the others I’ve read have all been quite readable. One you might enjoy as a blogger: “On writing” where he talks about his writing process, some interesting ideas & tips!

      • I went through a Stephen King phase recently. Got quite fed up by the end but I’d at least recommend Misery.

      • Haven’t read Misery but the movie was definitely creepy!

      • I have read Misery and it is way, way creepier. I will never read it again.

        I’m intrigued by that theory as well. It may be more plausible than a conspiracy involving so many people! But I really loved that Kevin Costner movie!

      • I’d imagine that’s the case with a lot of King – the creepiness doesn’t seem like something I’d want to enjoy over and over again.

        I foolishly haven’t seen JFK the movie – though I’m quite familiar with the ‘2nd spitter’ spoof of it on Seinfeld!

      • JFK takes a couple evenings to watch, but very rewarding. I think they were on the money with some things, and shooting in the dark on others.

  3. I saw a little doco on TV once recently about the Kennedy thing. It was a bit trashy but I was actually pretty convinced. A guy had been studying the incident for years and come to the conclusion that the final fatal shot was from a secret servicemen in the car behind accidentally firing his gun during the panic. It makes a lot of sense. It would explain the weird angles, the explosive power of the last shot, and the cover-up afterwards .. not because of some in depth conspiracy, but to save the incredible shame and consequences of admitting that a stupid slip-up by a highly trained government agent had caused the death of everyone’s favourite president.

    • I hadn’t heard that theory -there’s definitely logic behind it.
      In 11/22/63, the lead character goes back in time to prevent the assassination but has to tail Oswald for a while to convince himself that he really did it.

  4. Darn, yet ANOTHER book added to my booklist! 😉

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