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357 down, 644 albums and 7 years to go!

December 6, 2014

My third fiscal year (I started the project on December 1st, 2011) has come to an end. Despite slowing down a fair bit in year #3, I’m still ahead of the semi-rigorous 100 albums/year pace!


The progress thus far:

# of albums Completed so far Completed %
23 15 65.2%
151 47 31.1%
279 85 30.5%
210 64 30.5%
239 97 40.6%
99 49 49.5%
1001 357 35.7%


As was the case for my first & second year-in-review posts (ain’t no party like a fiscal new years party), it’s time for a quick summary of my favourites from the past 365 days.

The Top Songs & Albums of Year 3:

Album – Sarah Vaughan, At Mister Kelly’s (1958)
Song – The Louvin’ Brothers, In the Pines (1956)

Album – The Who, The Who Sell Out (1967)
Song – Fairport Convention, Come All Ye (1969)

Album – Carole King, Tapestry (1971)
Song – Fleetwood Mac, The Chain (1977)

Album – The Jam, Sound Affects (1980)
Song – The Pretenders, Lovers of Today (1980)

Album – Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque (1991)
Song – Hole, Boys on the Radio (1998)

Album – Eminem, Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
Song – Elliott Smith, Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud (2000)

To begin Year 4/10, a bit of time travel.

The vision is to spend a week in a given year, with a Top 5 and a couple reviews at each stop along the way, enjoy!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I joined the party in June 2013, so I missed a lot from you. At any rate, I look forward to seeing what else you’re listening to!
    And not a bad pace for you considering your busy personal life! Kudos!

    • As Ferris Bueller once lipsynched,danke schön!

      June 2013, that doesn’t seem like that long ago, I suppose the first year of this project I was mainly just posting. I’ve preferred the last 2 where the posts have led to many a discussion – thank you Sarca for participating in the journey!

    • And pardon my manners, in accounting speak, since you joined in June 2013, I believe congratulations are in order on completing your 6th Fiscal Quarter! 😀

      • Thank you. When you talk about “fiscals” my head gets all jumbled. I think in terms of “a year and a half”. That’s how I think of it! LOL

      • That year & a half timeframe is when I switched away from talking about months whenever anyone asked how old Holly was – how old? 8 months, 11 months…about a year and a half!

  2. Too early in the morning for numbers. Coffee first. Coffee first.

    So Geoff, what are your post-1001 plans? Very cool to see The Jam on your list today.

    • Post-1001 plans, An excellent question – one I’m glad I have 7 years to ponder! I’d imagine I won’t be quite so ambitious with whatever the next project may be

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Congrats on the anniversary. Three years and counting is an achievement.

  4. Well done you!

  5. Excellent stuff. Obviously not been following that long, but I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts on these and I’ll look forward to readings some more! Woop!

    • Woop, I like that! And ditto for your blog J., looking forward to hearing about more bargain finds!

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