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me, weezer, and the space time continuum [4/5]

December 4, 2014

[Part 1/5]

[Part 2/5]

[Part 3/5]

[Part 4/5]

Everything Will Be Alright in the End (2014-?)

I’d cut ties with Rivers.  Moved on.  Switched our relationship status from “it’s complicated.”  Done-zo.

Then I read my colleague LeBrain’s 3.25/5 star review of the new weezer.  He managed to not only be able to stomach the full album but also to find some nice things to say about it.

I thought, this guy’s a reliable source, I’ll check it out.

And so it began…again.

Though not right away: the lead single did nothing for me, I didn’t even make it through Back to the Shack on the first listen.  It was the familiar kick-kick-snare pattern used on the aforementioned Beverly Hills.  I rolled my eyes and thought, ho hum.

Eventually, I summoned the courage to listen to the whole album.  I was proud of myself when I actually made it through.  Like most listeners, I probably had the same initial reaction: you know what, it’s not early weezer, but it’s not bad.

To my surprise, I haven’t been able to stop listening since.  I don’t mean that as a figure of speech: throughout Movember, I literally/figuratively/quantifiably listened to the record every day.  Heck, my wonderful wife likely found my disturbing Movember moustache less annoying than my fervent, born-again weezer re-visitation.  Incidentally, I’m beyond lucky. 😀




Much like my weezer honeymoon phase, the new album probably isn’t as good as I think it is.

At the very least, I’d imagine most critics would agree the record has many of the hallmarks of vintage weezer & the sing-a-long-ability factor is back where it belongs.

My personal infatuation however likely stems from the unlikeliest of sources: the lyrics.

Unlikely in that I don’t typically notice lyrics and few would argue that lyrics, especially in recent years, have been a Rivers Cuomo strength.

But for the first time (in forever), the lyrics here actually mean something.

Three songs in particular send the “Rivers doesn’t care” theory straight to the recycling bin. Listen carefully to Back to the Shack, Eulogy for a Rock Band, and I’ve Had it Up to Here: these are not the words of someone who’s indifferent about his fans or someone who’s unaware of his important, if declining, role in their lives.

As video evidence of his importance in my family, two generations of Stephens doing their best Rivers Cuomo impressions:


One generation in 2002… (shaky cam of a shaky cam from a VHS – it’s almost too Hi-Def!)


…and the next generation in 2013


to be concluded…

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  1. HAH! Great vintage clips. And not a bad performance either!

    • My thanks LeBrain – for the comment and perhaps more importantly, for kickstarting my weezer revisitation. I had written them off – without your semi-favourable review of the new album, I may not have had the courage to listen to weezer again!

  2. No wonder you caught my attention in undergrad. Who doesn’t want a boyfriend who is in a rock band? 😉

    • Fortunately by this point I was down to just wearing mullet T-shirts as opposed to the real thing!

  3. Wow, AWESOME!! This was a great idea, Geoff! And those videos were great too.
    Say it ain’t so-oh-oh-oh-oh! <-favourite Weezer song.

    • Thank you Sarca – it’s been a fun revisitation, and excellent choice of favourite tune might I add. I think my favourite =w= tune might change weekly but at the moment I’ll go with Across The Sea!

  4. I’ve only heard this once. Friend of mine picked it up and I heard it while we played som Xbox. Woop! It didn’t do much dor me, but maybe I was just dunno if I’ll go back to it anytime soon, though.

  5. That made no sense what I just wrote. Heesh. It should have said … it didn’t do much for me, but maybe my attention was on the game rather than what I was hearing.

    • Not to worry!
      The first listen didn’t blow me away either, but there were a few tunes (tracks 3,4,5) that got me thinking, hey this is getting back on track. Especially the songs late in the tracklist, it’s one of those records that keeps getting better with each listen

      • I’ll get the ol’ Spotify going later, methinks. Pay a bit more attention to it!

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