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me, weezer, and the space time continuum [1/5]

December 2, 2014

Welcome to weezer week!

During Movember, I put together an essay about my on-again/off-again listening relationship with weezer over the years.

I tried to condense it into one post but there was simply too much I wanted to say.  It appears my attempt at editing makes the Hobbit movies look positively concise!

So instead, a 5-part series.

Long story-short: Boy loves band. Boy is repeatedly bemused by band. Boy tries to figure out what went wrong. Boy loves band again.

And now the 5-part, marathon-length, unabridged version, enjoy!


[Part 1/5]

The Honeymoon (1998 – 2002)

Hey wasn’t the blue album released in ’94? ‘twas.  I was a few years late to the weezer party.

Though it may seem (as they said in the Princess Bride) inconceivable, I didn’t own a single weezer recording prior to the 20th Century’s penultimate year.

In one of those “where were you when” moments, I have a vivid memory of going to see Nelson Mandela speak at Skydome in September 1998.  His message was, of course, inspirational but my drive to the event proved to be even more life-changing.

I initially wasn’t planning on attending the event but at the last minute, my friend Brian had an extra seat in his car and I took him up on his invitation to tag along.

En route, my fellow passengers were raving about the self-titled weezer debut.  I thought, these guys are reliable sources, I’ll check it out.

And so it began.

First the blue.  Then Pinkerton.  Followed by a string of B-sides light years better than the A-sides of their contemporaries.  For a time, I was capable of discussing very little else; obsessed would have been an understatement.


Interior design @ U=W=O

My guitars were tuned down the obligatory ½ step, my roommate Mike and I decorated our dorm room with a giant illuminated =w= sign, and we were over the moon to hear a new album was in the works.

Eventually, the green album was released.  The 10-track, short & sweet format had returned, admittedly missing some of the excellence of the first two.  Matt Sharp was also noticeably absent.  Then there was the issue of the uninspired guitar solos…but no matter, they were back!


A fitting vinyl for the ‘green’ album

Of equal importance, new tunes were being introduced at the shows and gradually leaked online.  From the previews, the future looked bright again: the tunes were catchy, the lyrics weren’t entirely throwaway, and Rivers seemed to remember that he was a terrific guitarist. Although I already knew all the words to all the songs by the time Maladroit arrived on store shelves in 2002, its official release cemented their status for me as my favourite active band.

All was right with the universe.


Hallowe’en 2002, yours truly as Rivers Cuomo

to be continued…

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  1. So did you collect Weezer singles?

    Their labyrinthine catalog of singles, albums, and never released songs is absolutely fascinating to me.

    • I wish I had more physical copies of the singles – most continue to be on my wish list (that reminds me – I should add that to the Grail search list!). The unfinished songs from the black hole rock opera, the staggering amount of quality b-sides, fascinating indeed!

      And credit to you fellow bloggers, I’ve enjoyed the various weekly themes people have been doing, and I liked how you broke up your RST finale into parts – good ideas ought to be borrowed!

  2. This is a great idea for a series by the way!

  3. LOL, Rivers Cuomo…great post!
    What dorm were you in?

    • Med Syd!
      And Sarca my fellow mustang, same question?!

      • Off-campus – all 4 years. I had a sister to live with the first 2 until she moved back to Sudbury. First year, Regent St and Waterloo, the rest: Wharncliffe Rd N right at the bend of Western Rd. My boyfriend the first year lived at Medway. Med was all male when I was at Western…was it still when you went?

  4. Your Weezer experience is sounding pretty similar to mine so far. Though mine only started in earnest even later (about 2000). I’m glad you included some kind words about Green and Maladroit. Although Blue and Pinkerton are obviously where it’s at, I feel like Maladroit in particular is treated a bit too harshly. Many seem to feel it was the beginning of the end (as far as quality) for the band – but I think it’s actually quite decent. ‘Burndt Jamb’ is a highlight.

    • Burndt jamb is a stellar track – a lot of fun to play too!
      Some albums have great opening 1-2-3 punches, others strong finishes, Maladroit might have one of the stronger track 7-8-9 sequences on any record I’ve heard.

  5. Nice picture:) My first concert was Weezer when I was 14, so I’ve got a soft spot for them, too. Pinkerton was epic for me, still is.
    Another great post:)

    • My thanks sourgirl!
      It’s funny the power of the music we love as teens, so much stuff from that stage of life probably isn’t as good as I think it is – but because it was such a huge part of life then, that soft spot as you say will always be there!

  6. jprobichaud permalink

    Personally, I was never a big fan of Maladroit but loved the blue and the green ones. Pinkerton was pretty cool too. Weezer are definitely one of those bands aren’t they?

    • That they are! I think I was so fond of maladroit as it felt scrappier than the direction they seemed to be headed with the green.
      Then of course, they changed direction again, eventually for the better in 2014!

  7. Nice post. I love those first two albums. Pinkerton being my favourite. Still listen to that a lot. I stopped paying attention to them shortly after Maladroit, though. Couldn’t tell you the name of the album …

    • And Pinkerton would likely be my favourite as well – 20 years from now, that one and the blue will still sound incredible!

  8. The last of theirs I really loved was Hash Pipe – loved that track!

    • And that was on the green – you may enjoy some of the ones on the new one, spoiler alert, I’m a fan again!

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