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Neil Young – Harvest (1972)

October 29, 2014

[Album 356/1001]220px-NeilYoungHarvestalbumcover

My Neil Young journey:

Pre-December 2011
As a child, I think I was a fan of author Scott Young’s hockey books.
My thoughts about his son Neil?  Summed up neatly by Stewie’s question about Kermit the Frog, “what’s his appeal?”


May 2012, After the Goldrush
(with a feeble attempt at a Shania Twain impression) OK, so he can write songs? That don’t impress…


March 2013, Van Morrison’s Moondance
I begin to realize Neil’s polarizing voice may be part of his charm.


July 2013, Ragged Glory (with Crazy Horse)
Blue Rodeo-esque, now we’re talking!


August 2013, Rust Never Sleeps
Well I heard Mr. Young sing about it…and I’m looking forward to more?  This must be what people have been seeing all these years!


October 2014, Harvest
Frankly, how could anyone not see the appeal of this record?

Well I suppose Neil didn’t like how this put him in the “middle of the road.”  I’ve mentioned this before but English is such a strange language: in any other context, middle of the road means dangerous but in music, it curiously means overly safe/unadventurous.

This is the kind of record that gives me false confidence in my drumming abilities.  The kick-kick-snare pattern (and very little in the way of cymbals) is so easy but anything more would be too much.

Some fans have probably met their lifetime quota (thanks themesongsteve for introducing me to that term!) with songs like Heart of Gold but considering I spent 30+ years in the Non-Neil-fan wilderness, I’m not sick of any of these yet.

Academic Young fans would probably hesitate to single this out as a career peak but as an entry point to his catalogue, this is probably as good an introduction as there is.

Ol’ Neil’s back a few more times before the 1001 is through so I suppose my Neil Young journey is to be continued!

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  1. This is my favourite Neil Young record. everyhing about it is gorgeous – the songs, the playing, the arrangements, and the production.

    … good news for you, too: those wonderful songs got milage. I’ve been listening to it for years and still haven’t met my lifetime quota …

  2. Neil Young speaks to me. I love this record!

    • It’s nice to have joined the club & not be the guy standing outside saying “I don’t get it” anymore!

  3. My Neil Young Journey:
    2005 – Greatest Hits.


  4. Also LOL @ Kermit.

  5. Look, I’ve only got a couple of dozen Neil Young albums, so no way an expert, but this remains my favourite:

  6. Thanks for the mention! My favorite of many favorites is the “anti-Harvest,” Tonight’s the Night. Scary and beautiful!

    • Anytime – and Tonight’s the night sounds promising. I love those juxtaposition records, where the first one is a smash hit and then its followup is an equal but opposite reaction to it.
      Nirvana’s Nevermind/In Utero & Pulp’s Different Class/This is Hardcore are two of my favourite back-to-back listens

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