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10cc – Sheet Music (1974)

October 27, 2014

[Album 355/1001]220px-10ccSheetMusic

Ever notice when you decide to move to a new house, all of a sudden you see all kinds of ‘for sale/for rent’ signs that you’d previously just driven past?

That seems to be the case lately for me & Wall Street.

We’re doing a Stock Market Challenge with my Business class and since the contest opened, Wall Street is everywhere.

Netflix is saying I should watch The Wolf of Wall Street, I’ve started Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys (about High Frequency Trading) and 10cc kicked off this album with The Wall Street Shuffle.

I wouldn’t have guessed the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be fodder for a hit single but much like my stock picks in our simulation, I was way off!

I like how all four band members take turns on lead vocals (à la Sloan) and I can tell some of my favourites liked this one (notably Blur’s Theme From Retro borrows considerably from the opening to Hotel).

Track two, The Worst Band in the World, is misleading.  I’d say they are far from it but they may be closer to exactly halfway from that dubious distinction.

In his typical brilliant form, Chuck Klosterman described Van Halen’s And The Cradle Will Rock as THE average song.  Meaning in the history of recorded music, it’s smack dab in the middle: half of all other music is superior, the other half inferior.

I won’t be quite so broad with my data set, but I’ll predict this:

7+ years from now, if I choose to rank the 1001 albums, this will be album #501 on the list.

Average isn’t bad.  Tell any expectant mother that they’re having an ‘average’ pregnancy, you’ve just made their day.

For 10cc, they too have reason to celebrate;  500 albums ahead of Sheet Music would be ‘above average’ yes, but the other 500 would mathematically be considered ‘below.’

They’d the only group on the list with the distinction of recording an average, or should I say, THE average record.

Cue the champagne!

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