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“X” Artists – Challenge!

October 21, 2014

Much like with the Qs, the pickin’s aren’t quite so bountiful here.

Therefore, also much like with the Qs, it’s time for another challenge!

Rules & Regulations:

Set a timer for 60 seconds.


Fetch a writing utensil.



(start the timer once you finish reading the next sentence)

Write down as many “X” artists of you can think of…that contain more letters than merely the letter X (or X repeated), GO!











Time’s up.

Don’t feel bad, it’s my game and I only got one.  The good news is, that band has two records on the 1001, I’ll review their second entry later this week.

In the meantime, please let me know what other X bands exist in the comments below, thanks for playing!

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  1. Phil Xenedis.

  2. XS, IN
    XYMOX, Clan of
    X, Generation

  3. X Ray Spex, Xentrix, Xerath

  4. Xcnn, Xentrix, x Ray spex, Xx

  5. marshallgu permalink

    Off the top of my head, just the following:
    X, the greatest punk band ever, with boy-girl vocal harmonies and access to the Doors’ keyboardist
    X, a decent, unknown punk band with the same name as above from the same time frame as above but Australian instead of American
    XTC, perhaps the most obvious band starting with an x
    And the xx, whose debut was one of the finer albums of 2009

  6. jprobichaud permalink

    Since you disqualified The XX, XTC is all I had. I figure they’re the band in your book.

  7. The only one in my music collection is Xeno & Oaklander!

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