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The Undertones – The Undertones (1979)

September 28, 2014

[Album 348/1001]CD_The_Undertones

Pop Quiz: Who am I?

I’m from the UK, peaking in the late 70s/early 80s.

My self-titled debut album featured 14 songs in approximately half an hour, an energetic and efficient career kickstart.

I sang a song with the words “rock” and “casbah” in the title.

Did you say The Clash?  Because the answer I was looking for was The Undertones!

I admire critics that can review The Undertones without the name Joe Strummer popping up somewhere in their review.  Then again, if I’m comparing these lads to one of the most revered bands in recent memory, I wouldn’t call that an insult.

It’s a funny record in that upon repeated listens, there didn’t seem to be any increasing or diminishing marginal returns.

It remains what it was: energetic & efficient.  And that ain’t bad.

I’ll borrow an idea from Mikeyb@screenkicker with his always entertaining & informative SQIs.

Just for kicks, I’ll also add a grade 9 academic french lesson into the mix.

When it comes to late 70s UK punk albums:



The Clash (1977) est bon.


The Undertones (1979) est plus bon.


London Calling (1979) est le meilleur.


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  1. I love this LP beyond all measure, it makes me happy to be alive and ‘Teenage Kicks’ (on the reissue version) simply has the best guitar tone ever in the history of everness. Beats le Clash into a cocked hat for me, every time. Now get down and give me quinze press-ups!

    • Quinze press-ups, tout de suite!
      Nice call on the guitar tones, I was trying to figure out a wordplay with my appreciation of the guitar sounds and the band name but it didn’t come together in time alas.

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