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U2 – Achtung Baby Cassette (!) Singles (1991)

September 26, 2014

I foolishly posted my Achtung Baby review on Wednesday…alas one day before I found these beauties!


These were among the 10 tapes purchased at the flagship Toronto Sam the Record Man location for, if my memory is semi-accurate,  a grand total of $10.  This was at some point in the late 90s, cassettes were already long-since obsolete and I remember the cashier was astonished someone was buying music in this medium.

Well, I showed him!

The bonus tracks/remixes don’t add a great deal of value (I think most would agree that an 8 minute extend-a-mix of Mysterious Ways is more than plenty).

But in terms of value for money, even considering the opportunity cost of not saving the toonie & missing out on the gains from compound interest, the surprise nostalgia provided by these tapes proved to be a lucrative return on a modest investment!

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  1. Dude,
    This is the kind of stuff I love. I have reviewed an old Blue Rodeo single (which had a rare B-side, their only B-side) and an old Van Halen cassingle (haha) with exclusive remixes. I know NIN also had a rare cassette single with an exclusive live mix (March of the Pigs).

    • I don’t normally condone compound words but cassingle gets the stamp of approval!
      Interesting – I hadn’t realized Blue Rodeo didn’t do more b-sides. With some groups, the b-sides are stronger than the single itself!

  2. Given some of the commitment of rabid U2 fans, I’d imagine these might repay in other mysterious ways as well. e.g.: eBay!

    • Years ago I foolishly removed the wrapping & listened – with the original packaging intact, it might have been One that would Fly off the digital ebay shelves!

      • Ooo good one!

      • my thanks – and I thought of you when I looked at the other cassette singles in my collection. Among the 10 ‘cassingles’ purchased that fateful day? Corey Hart!

  3. Nice packaging. I don’t particularly like ‘Mysterious Ways’ but perhaps one of these cassette singles also has ‘Lady With The Spinning Head’ on it? I know that was a b-side around that time and an absolutely brilliant song…

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