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Top 5 “S” Artists

September 3, 2014

Of the 1001 albums, 119 are by artists beginning with the letter “S” (“B” is next with 99, “X” has but 4).

The question is: the letter leads in quantity, but does it also lead in terms of quality?


5. Simon & Garfunkel
It was a close call between Simon, Paul & his old duo.  I figured, tie goes to the duet, not really a wrong answer either way!


4. Springsteen, Bruce
Who else can say they made great records in the 70s, 80s, and 2000s?


3. Supergrass
When I looked at Moving songs, I was thrilled to find so many like-minded Supergrass fans out there!


2. Sloan
I asked in the Top 5 “R” Artists if there was a better triple pack than the Stones from ’69-’72.  For me, Sloan’s Twice Removed/One Chord to Another/Navy Blues ’94-’98 trio just might do it.


1. (isn’t it obvious?!)
Ironically the most ordinary band name in music history belongs to its most extraordinary band.

Second albums (that are anything but second rate) by Supergrass & Sisters of Mercy are on tap for the week, enjoy!

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  1. I agree with your list, but there are so many awesome S artists!! Swervedriver, Silversun Pickups, Sly and the Family Stone, Simple Minds, SANTANA!!

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    When it comes to “S”, the list goes on and on and on. Other than your top five (which are great picks, all of them), I would also suggest Spiritualized, Spirit of the West, Suede, Spoon, Stars, The Specials, The Shins, Secret Machines… oh dear… that’s way more than five.

  3. Sorry, am allergic to Morrissey’s voice

    • I’m allergic to everything he says.

      • Glad I’m not the only one who has issues with Mr. Morrissey. I understand why so many people love him, but his voice has always been the one thing that’s kept me from fully embracing The Smiths. The rest of the band were fantastic and over the years I’ve been able to appreciate a lot of their music (which was not the case 25 years ago), but the vocals have always kept me from being more than a casual fan.

      • I can appreciate that – I think he’s a polarizing one (his off stage comments don’t exactly help either).
        He has no shortage of devotees but I’m sure there’s an equal number who find him a deterrent to the band’s sound.
        Perhaps very few feel indifferent about him, I’d argue that’s the mark of a lot of the greats!

      • I’ll concede that – especially recently, for someone who appears to be quite well read, he says some remarkably less than intelligent things

      • Or at least judgemental things. Sometimes that can happen with intelligence too. It’s like Gene Simmons; he’s no dummy but the things he said recently were baffoonery.

    • I suppose he’s like the peanut – delicious for some, deadly for others!
      I have the peanut allergy instead of the Morrissey anaphalaxis (not sure if there’s an epipen strong enough for that) 😉

  4. Supergrass? Really!


  6. Nice list, Geoff. I’ve never been much of a Smiths fan simply because I’m one of those people who don’t respond to Morrissey’s voice. Musically I think they’re excellent and I certainly don’t think he’s a bad singer…it’s just not my thing. But I can’t deny their impact and would never question their inclusion at the top of your list.

    Very pleased to see Supergass & Sloan in your Top 5. They would be high up on my list if not Top 5, although both Springsteen and S&G/Paul Simon would be in or near the Top 5.

    There are some key “S” artists, though, that need to be discussed:
    Steely Dan
    Frank Sinatra
    Ravi Shankar
    Rod Stewart (his latter years crap has made people forget just how great his first decade+ was)
    Santana (similar comment to Rod Stewart, except he/they had three decades of brilliance before the decline)
    Sam & Dave
    Cat Stevens

    I also want to show some love to Stereophonics, Saga, Bob Seger, Sensational Alex Harvey Band (or are they “H”?), Brian Setzer/Stray Cats, Sigur Ros, Simple Minds, Simply Red, Dusty Springfield, Spock’s Beard, Skids, Matthew Sweet, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, Small Faces, Solas, Smithereens, Soft Machine, Solas, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Split Enz, Spandau Ballet, Supertramp, Styx, Sting & Al Stewart.

    I think “S” might be the biggest part of my collection. I couldn’t narrow down my list to a Top 25. Wow!

    • I was pleased to see the quality of Ss is keeping up with the quantity!
      Squeeze is a group that I know far too little about but sounds right up my alley.
      Tough to dispute Sinatra’s credentials!
      Smashing Pumpkins and Sting would be up there for me – and according to my spreadsheet, Sensational Alex Harvey Band is classified as an S (‘Next’ made the 1001)

    • STEELY DAN!! +1!

  7. A missed opportunity to give The Smiths places 1 through 5!

  8. SONIC YOUTH??!????

  9. I think the CanCon Men in Black had a hand in this list didn’t they? It’s ok, you don’t have to admit it here, I know they’re watching your every move. 😉

    *whispers* But they did didn’t they? Otherwise I just know you’d have had Saxon in your Top 5 where they belong.

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