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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 26, 2014

ALS Canada:

With some help from a couple of princesses…


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  1. YAY!!! Woohoo!! Well done, Geoff, et. al!! Aaron and now you…looking forward to LeBrain and 1537!

  2. I just saw this – I don’t know why I didn’t get an email that it had posted, it was Sarca mentioning you’d done it!

    WAY TO GO! And those are some great helpers. Forgive my ignorance, but I’m only guessing that that song they’re singing is from Frozen? I only watched about half of that film before shutting it off, and I retained none of it… If I’ve missed my guess, what song was that?

    Also, nice setting for your event. I imagine the pool was warmer than the bucket water, so you could just hop in to warm up, if you needed it!

    GIVE ‘ER!!

    • Thank you Aaron!
      I’m impressed you’ve somehow managed to avoid frozen despite having a daughter under the age of 14 – that’s the big power ballad they were belting out, Let it Go.
      To give Frozen credit, there’s a good misdirect at the end and a nice twist ending.
      (spoiler – it turns out Bruce Willis was dead the whole time) 😀

      • When the girls started to sing “Let it go” all I could think about was Luba! lol (Haven’t seen Frozen)

      • A slightly different tune!
        It’s not for all tastes but in terms of Disney movies, it’s definitely not one where the Princess is just waiting around to be rescued


    Scotty looks tall!

    • I think he’s in the ballpark of 6’3″ and I’m definitely not!

      Looking forward to yours Mike, the storyboards sound promising!

      • Nah I was kidding about the storyboards although I will do my own twist on it.

      • A LeBrain twist sounds good to me, looking forward to it.

        Incidentally, we just got furniture delivered today and the delivery guy (who was very nice) gave us a \m/ when he left, needless to say I was very impressed with the service!

      • Nice! I always appreciate a little personality in my customer service.

      • Absolutely, where it feels like they go ‘off-script’ is always nice.

      • I always like to tell people this. I was at a drive-thru at Harvey’s about 10 or 11 years ago. They had a deal where you got a Snickers bar with your combo so I grabbed that. I ordered the same as always: Double with bacon and cheese. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo. Then the guy says, “Sorry, we’re all out of that.” A pause. “I’m just kidding, that was…” and he repeated my order back to me. So all good. I drive up to the window, and he says, “You wanted the Snickers bar, right?” I said yes. “I’m sorry, we’re all out of that.” And I bought it! He laughed and gave me the candy bar.

        I appreciated that and I never forgot it.

      • That’s terrific!
        I’d imagine in your record store days you would have had similar fun back & forth with the customers

      • I’d certainly try. Sometimes you fall flat, sometimes you know when not to try.

      • And I think that’s one of the most important lessons in life – know your audience!

      • A lesson I’m still learning! That’s why I’m not a stand up comic I guess!

      • Stand-up – a job that could either be the greatest or the worst job in the world – if the audience is feeling it, it must be something else being on stage. If you’re bombing (and I’ve been to a show where it was the sound of crickets in the crowd), few experiences are more painful!

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