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“Q” is for Quiz…

August 20, 2014

…that’s good enough for me!

There were a plethora of “P” artists but I had a bit of a quandary when I arrived at the “Q” artists.

So instead of me making a top 5, it’s time for a pop quiz!

If the quiz doesn’t go well, don’t be discouraged: I made the quiz and I only got a score of 2.  If someone hits the elusive score of 5, my eternal respect!


The Rules (because what’s more fun than adhering to strict quiz policies):

1) No google searching/looking at computer playlists or personal record collections!

2) Set a timer for 60 seconds.  Start the timer once you finish reading all the instructions.

3) Make a list of all the artists you can think of beginning with the letter Q that DO NOT contain the 5-letter sequence Q-U-E-E-N.

Once the 60 seconds have expired, write down the number of artists you were able to recall (but not their names!) in the comments section.


Your 60 seconds begin…now.






Thanks for playing!

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  1. What a fun idea! Interesting, with an underlay of a moral / ethical challenge.
    Anyway, I got 7 (excluding Queensryche).

  2. Just checked the Vinyl Connection catalogue and found 2 more (which of course don’t count) but one of the ones I missed was REALLY annoying!

    • Your diligence in keeping to the honour system is appreciated though – 7 is the score to beat so far!

  3. I got a 1, and I felt that one was pretty hard.

    • I realized most of the Q’s I have all have Queen somewhere in the name – I’m sure many more exist but I could only think of 2!

      • It is probably easier to think of these bands if you actually like them. Personally if I was trapped on a deserted island and I could only have 1 Queen album or all of the other albums from “Q” bands out there, then I would have a really hard time choosing which Queen album I would keep.

      • I’d have trouble leaving a night at the opera behind!

    • beat me by one!

      • Actually I’d like to hand myself in for including Queensryche. Sorry, I have bought shame upon my family.

      • I had to check where the umlaut was (alas it’s over the Y) – if it were over any of the first 5, I suppose it would have been eligible. You brought honour to your family by your admission though

  4. Shit, I could only get 4!

  5. Assuming Queensryche aren’t allowed I only managed 3. And I’ve now had a look online and find a couple of really irritating ones I should’ve remembered. Aarghh

  6. 2…but it’s 5 AM and I’m not juiced on coffee, so I might be back later today.

  7. jprobichaud permalink

    I got four. None of which I am really a huge fan of so that letter will likely be a busy when it comes to my mixed tape series.

    • I was thinking “P” may rack up a couple mix tapes, “Q” may be limited to a side at best!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Perhaps a cassette single. Remember those?

      • I certainly do! I remember going to Sam the Record Man in Toronto years ago and they had a promo, I think 10 for $10 so I scooped up a bunch of REM & The Cure singles.
        Even then I think they were obsolete as when I went to the cashier, he and his co-worker were astonished people were buying them – and it was still the 90s!

  8. 2, 3 if Quo, Status would count 😀 😀

  9. 1. It’s morning.

    • The day is young – as I said to Sarca, pre-coffee/too-early am scores don’t necessarily have to count!

  10. ianbalentine permalink

    Only 2: Queens Of The Stone Age, and just because I want to get a Canadian band in here, Quarterflash!

    • If it ends in a tie, it’s only patriotic to say tiebreaker goes to the list with more CanCon!

  11. I like QOTSA too much, so they are all I can think of … and of course do contain the word Q-U-E-E-N so they don’t even count.

  12. So there’s Quicksilver Messenger Service and Quicksilver Messenger Service and etc. etc. ….that’s all I got! Time’s up!

  13. I got nothin’. I could only think of Queens of the stone age, but of course that’s against the rules. Congrats to those who thought of a few!

    • I thought if I allowed ‘queen’ groups it would be too easy – I fear not allowing ‘queen’ groups may have pushed it too far the other way!

  14. To quote the Spoon song/EP… got nuffin’ (without breaking the rules).

    Also, I’ve finally made a blog! I’m working on a catalogue of Beatles things that I own which should be up soon.

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