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“P”oll Results & My Top 5

August 18, 2014

The results are in!

As of the completely arbitrary cut-off date of some time earlier this afternoon, here are the final standings in the Friends of P Poll.

Top “P” Artist of the…

60s: Pink Floyd, with 10 of 18 votes.  Worth noting that the first Pink Floyd 1001 entry occured in 1967, hence their seemingly nonsensical categorization as a 60s artist!

70s: Police, The, with 10 out of 16 votes.  Curiously, two voters abstained from choosing a 70s artist.

80s: Pixies, with only 7 of 18 votes, but with full voting panel participation!  Impressively, each of the 5 choices (Pixies, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Pretenders, Pogues) picked up at least 2 votes.

90s: Pearl Jam, edging out Pulp 6-5 out of the full 18.

2000s: Surprisingly, no “P”s made the 1001, but write-in votes included Perversor, Power from Hell, Power Trip, Postal Service, Pulled Apart By Horses, and Pete & the Pirates.  As I believe they were mentioned most frequently, The Postal Service takes it.

Now of course this poll was chronologically-correct but I’d imagine many of you would be like me: many of your favourite “P”s hail from the same decade.

Here is my no restrictions/rules/regulations Top 5 “P” Artists:


5. Police, The
Among my favourite trios.  Stewart Copeland, love the cymbal flourishes!


4. Prince
He had a funny appearance on a semi-recent episode of The New Girl.  That and some of the best music of the 80s.

3. Pulp
Best Britpop album?  Different Class.  This is Hardcore might also get the nod as the best ‘Britpop hangover’ record.


2. Pearl Jam
I get it when people aren’t fans of Eddie Vedder’s voice.  As shown in my strongly worded, dot-matrix printed letter to MuchMusic, I didn’t used to be either.


1. Pavement
Ian over at the80sdidntsuck recently had a good post about not understanding Pavement’s appeal.

I’ll attempt to answer his fair question, “What have I missed?” in the only way I know how.

Here is a Top 5 within a Top 5 (to quote Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, Whoa), explaining why Pavement is, much like his site, the Cat’s Pyjamas:

a) They aren’t the Bee Gees.  As Wayne Campbell noted in Wayne’s World, “Led Zeppelin didn’t write tunes that everybody liked.  They left that up to the Bee Gees.”

If you write something that everyone likes, chances are everybody will like it, but few will love it.  Think of Pavement like the Alexander Keith’s slogan, those who like it, like it a lot.  Except replace the second like with a stronger adjective.

b) They lasted the perfect amount of time.  5 records over 7 years.  Successful reunion tour in 2010.

c) As I confessed when reviewing Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (incidentally, the optimal starting point for Pavement appreciation) Stephen Malkmus is my favourite lyricist.

d) They have a ‘sound’ without ever sounding repetitive or stooping to self-plagiarism

e) They’re one of my favourite bands and I don’t necessarily love all their songs.  They swing & miss occasionally but when they connect (as they do with songs like Gold Soundz, Harness Your Hopes, and Shady Lane), to borrow their third album title, Wowee zowee!

Longest post ever, complete, thank you for your endurance.

The letter “Q” is up next, get ready for a quiz!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    I was always fine with Eddie Vedder’s voice. I just thought they were overplayed. As far as “grunge” bands of that era go though, they were decent. I love Pulp. “His n hers” was also a great record and “we love life” was criminally overlooked.

    • I don’t have His n Hers – yet. Jarvis Cocker is definitely one of the more interesting front-men

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Did you see the Brit Awards where he got up onstage to moon Michael Jackson? Priceless.

      • Years after it happened – but what a stage crash!

  2. Vitalogy is my favorite Pearl Jam album. Nice post.

    • My thanks sourgirl – and it’s likely mine too. If it weren’t for ‘Bugs’ I think it would be for sure!

      • I’m not a big fan of Stupid Mop either, but the rest of the album makes up for it.

      • I really like this Rolling Stone review of Vitalogy, “a wildly uneven and difficult record, sometimes maddening, sometimes ridiculous, often powerful.” And I’d add often excellent!

        I remember reading they were hesitant about including Better Man – I’m quite pleased they did. There’s nothing wrong with being accessible if it’s good!

    • My fave too.

  3. Good list. I think Pearl Jam may be a tad overrated due to the era in which they emerged, but they ARE talented, McCready and Cameron in particular.

    • Interesting argument – I’ll likely make a similar case when reviewing RHCP’s Californication. Talented group sure, but may be overrated due to the lack of other quality in ’99

  4. I think of these 5, only Pink Floyd and The Police would trouble my Top 5. I like the Prince stuff I’ve heard but I’ve not heard enough to include him yet. I’d throw in Paradise Lost, one of the all-time great British Metal bands.

    • I was a big fan of all 3 Prince records on the list (1999. Purple Rain, Sign o the times) – should you stumble across any of them in a bargain bin, should be a decent return on investment.
      Not familiar with Paradise Lost alas – any album you’d recommend as a starting point?

      • I’ve only really heard Purple Rain so I’ll hunt those other two down. I’ve seen them cheap in the shops. I did like Purple Rain so it’s about time I heard more.

        Draconian Times is a good one to start with.

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