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The Cupface craze & Friends of P

August 10, 2014

Item 1.

I’ll join the Cupface craze that’s sweeping this blogging community, with my contribution not so unintentionally featuring a Community mug!



Item 2.

“If you’re friends with P, well then you’re friends with me.  If you’re down with P, well then you’re down with me”
– The Rentals

I am certainly down with the letter P.

So much so that after much consideration, I have arrived at the conclusion that “P” is the strongest artist letter in the alphabet.  By the time I get to “S” (or even “R” – I should at least be safe with “Q”) I may have to say just kidding but at the moment, it’s looking tough to top.

Do other letters have superior groups?  Indubitably.  In fact I’d argue none of the “P” artists are in my Top 5 overall.  But the quality & quantity of the “P” list from which to choose is simply astounding!

And so I will leave it in your capable hands.  I give you, the Friends of P poll.

Instructions: Choose one “P” from each of the following categories.  Though it won’t result in a true Top 5 (you’ve heard of politically correct?  This one could be called chronologically correct), I’m interested to see what the top choice is for each era.

Multi-decade artists are listed in the decade in which they first appear on the 1001 list (e.g. Piper at the Gates of Dawn puts Pink Floyd in the 60s, rather than the 70s).

Curiously, there were no “P” artists from the 2000s on the list.  Hence, that category is wide open; if a “P” artist released an album in the 21st Century, feel free to vote for them there.

Ballot stuff if you must, results to be revealed later this week, enjoy!







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  1. Nice Cupface man. So that’s four of us now?

    • When I saw Sarca, you & KMA post, I thought, this is a trend I’ve gotta join!

      • All I can say is we now need a hastag. #cupface.

      • I expect that hashtag to be competing with yolo by the end of the week!

      • Until about 2 weeks ago, I didn’t know what “yolo” was.

      • I enjoyed a friend’s Yoda shirt with the hashtag #OOYL

      • Now THAT I like!

        I heard “Yoda” by Weird Al on the radio about 3 weeks ago, it was great. Weird Al is having a moment again.

      • I heard an interview on CBC discussing his renaissance – #1 on the Billboard chart, that’s fantastic!

        The interviewee had a great line “Weird Al has always looked like he’s 38 years old.” and it’s true!

      • I know! It’s bizarre. He’s timeless, he really is. People will still be appreciating Weird Al years from now. I’ve said this before, he was one of the best concerts I’d ever seen. Somewhere, my sister has his underwear.

      • haha – I don’t know what to make of that souvenir!
        I saw him on the Alapalooza tour but haven’t since, if he goes through Ontario again that would be a fun show.
        There’s no doubting the talent – even though there’s countless youtube parodies out there, there’s always going to be a Weird Al niche

    • HAHAHA! What did I create?! You guys CRACK ME UP!!

  2. And by the way…is that your new pool I see there, Geoff?! Hope you’ve been trying it out this weekend. It’s been absolutely gorgeous out!

    • You’ve created a monster – I see cupfacing replacing the term ‘selfie’ in the not too distant future!
      And YES – the pool has been divine 😀

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    I voted but it was a tough call between Pixies and Pogues in the 80s. For the 00s, I cast my vote for Postal Service. Nice cup face. I’ll have to do one with a giant glass of beer. Wait for it.

    • Postal Service was the first one that came to mind for me as well – I found Death Cab was probably more consistent overall but that one Postal Service album reached, err, such great heights 🙂

      One of those Hoegarden glasses would look good as a cupface accessory!

  4. Sorry, but Pink Floyd HAS to be the 70s. All else is nonsense.

    • I also felt it was odd listing the Police in the 70s – I think Pavement may have been the only one that started and finished their studio career (92-99) in the same decade.

      Agreed about the ridiculousness of listing Floyd as an Elvis contemporary – I thought going by 1st 1001 appearance was the fairest, if at times nonsensical, way to keep artists in one category and one only!

  5. Most of my fave P artists are covered here with honourable mentions to; Placebo, The Panics, A Perfect Circle, PJ Harvey, Polyphonic Spree, Powderfinger, Presidents of USA & Prodigy.

    You’re right, it is a strong letter for music!

    • I never heard beyond the singles by Presidents of the USA – but what terrific singles!
      Prodigy’s got a couple albums on the 1001 and Placebo’s one of those groups I keep meaning to further explore

  6. Oh man, nice Cupface!!!! Poolside, too. That definitely one-ups my kitchen cupboards, as a backdrop.

    Also total bonus points for the Community mug. Love that show. Also love Alison Brie. I mean, DUH.

    I got stuck on a ‘P’ artist for the oughties. Leave it with me. I’m sure I’ll think of something. But I voted for the rest. I may come back and show Gram Parsons some love. I can vote twice, right?

    • Full credit to those kitchen cupboards though – it was after seeing your photo that I realized, this is something I’ve got to get in on!
      Very excited for Season 6 of community (so close to #sixseasonsandamovie), now I just have to find out what YahooScreen is so I can watch it!
      And voting irregularities are what these polls are all about, I always enjoy when the vote count is different on each question – voters are seemingly appearing/disappearing midway through the poll!

      • Haha they’re pretty run-of-the-mill cupboards. At least they hold all our crap without falling off the walls. So far, anyway.

        Well, I’ll take the credit for your joining in, but I only did my own shite photie because of Mike, and he only did it because of Sarca, so it’s really all her fault. 😉

        Sorry, can’t help you with YahooScreen, but it surely can’t be that hard to suss out. I usually wait for the DVDs.

        I voted in your polls again. This time, all different! On my first run through, I had to choose between at least two in each category. This time through, I gave some love to the ones who got left behind last time.

      • No worries about the double vote – some categories were too strong to pick just one!

  7. I didn’t even know about this Cupface thing!! Plus.. I am going to pick Paramore for the P for the 2000s.. even though.. I don’t know if they are only from the 2000s!

  8. Tough choice in the “60s and before” section. For 70´s I would choose Plasmatics. 2000s have some great bands with P: Perversor, Power from Hell and Power Trip

    • I’m not familiar with those post-2000s groups – then again, my book ends in 2005 so there’s a lot I’ve missed in the 21st Century!

      • I follow the newest version, so there are pretty much post 2000s bands.

      • Good to hear – I was surprised when none of the 99 post-1999 albums in my book were by P artists!

        I’ll be interested to hear how the new albums compare to the old list – I guess to make room for new records, some of the ones on my list are no longer must hear!

  9. 2000P? Umm, Pulled Apart By Horses?

  10. Pulled Apart By Horses is a good shout. As is Postal Service.

    At the moment my choice would be Pete and the Pirates.

    for the 90s, it would be Pigeonhed. I love Pigeonhed.

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