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Oasis – Definitely Maybe (1994)

August 9, 2014

[Album 335/1001]OasisDefinitelyMaybealbumcover

20 Augusts ago, Oasis released Definitely Maybe (DM).

Conveniently, exactly 100 albums ago, I revisited (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, or for simplicity, MG.

Which is better?

It’s another one of those fun but ultimately fruitless debates: there’s no wrong answer.

Instead, in search of something more fruitful, I thought I’d look at the full Oasis discography; where do the individual tracks heard here stack up against the rest of the catalogue?

Since the Oasis logo is so aesthetically pleasing, an album art logo to introduce the challenge!




Here goes:

Track Definitely Maybe Song
Best Track ___ Ever?
 1 Rock ‘n’ Roll StarSolid opener, as is often the case with Oasis records. Acquiesce, from The Masterplan.  Technically a compilation album, and its live version is superior, but it’s among their best tracks overall.
 2 Shakermaker.  A surprising single choice, not one of the more interesting DM tracks. Go Let It Out, from the otherwise mostly forgettable Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.
 3 Live Forever.  A triumph. Live Forever, from DM.
 4 Up in the Sky.  For the critics who claim Beatles plagiarism at every turn, I’ll concede: this riff is essentially Paperback Writer and Day Tripper combined.  You could do much worse though! Don’t Look Back in Anger, from MG, also my favourite Noel-sung tune.  Yes its piano intro is essentially the same as Imagine.  You can’t do much better than that though!
 5 Columbia.
A decent mid-album track.
The Importance of Being Idle, the highlight of the mostly return-to-form 2005 album, Don’t Believe the Truth (DBTT).
 6 Supersonic.  The first guitar solo I remember learning as a youth; every guitar lead pattern I’ve ever played/written likely leads back to this song. Supersonic, from DM.  My gateway song and simply their best.
 7 Bring it on Down.  A grittier sound, signposting the title track from the next album. Guess God Thinks I’m Abel, from DBTT.
 8 Cigarettes & Alcohol.  I doubt I’ll ever grow tired of hearing Liam say Sun-sheee-ine. Don’t Go Away, from Be Here Now.  When I looked at Urban Hymns, I argued that this album would have benefited from more editing and less expectations.  Though Be Here Now was much maligned, this tune rightfully escaped most of the criticism.
 9 Digsy’s Diner.  Short & sweet. She’s Electric, from MG.  Quite similar to Digsy‘s in feel, slightly stronger overall.
 10 Slide Away.  See right column. Slide Away, joining Live Forever and Supersonic to form a terrific DM trifecta.
 11 and beyond Married With Children.  “Your music’s shite it keeps me up all night, up all night.”  Best rhyme of the album! Tricky to do an apples-to-apples comparison as some albums have more than 11 tracks.  In terms of the career best closer, it’s tough to pick anything other than MG‘s Champagne Supernova.


So what can be concluded?

Some tracks are better than others.  Track 3 (Wonderwall, Lyla), 6 (Little by Little), and 10 (Morning Glory, All Around the World) had some notable omissions whereas track 2s & 7s weren’t typically quite as strong.

Definitely Maybe and What’s the Story each have three track numbers that represent career peaks.

It would appear both are equally great.

Except that this one’s slightly better as it’s the one I had first. 😀


Or agree to disagree?

Let me know!


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  1. Oasis is a band that I found irritating when they released their first album. Their songs were okay, except Much and the radio overplayed them to death. Then Lyla (the song) was released: soundwise, it was right in my wheelhouse. My hubs bought me one of Oasis’ later albums as a stocking stuffer one xmas – could not get into it. Now, I wonder if I should revisit Oasis.

    • It’s never too late to revisit!
      They’re definitely not for everyone – the brothers are boorish in general and Liam’s sneer isn’t really everyone’s cuppa.
      Lyla’s from Don’t Believe The Truth – I probably overrate that album as it really seemed like a bounce back record for me. When I relistened a week ago, I realized the odd tracks were the good ones – 1,3,5.7. and 11 in particular!

  2. Hey Geoff have you heard Beady Eye?

    • jprobichaud permalink

      Beady Eye have their moments but I prefer Noel’s post-Oasis work over Liam’s.

      • I haven’t heard Noel’s at all. I do like Beady Eye’s first album a lot (more than any Oasis since Be Here Now) but the second album did nothing for me at all.

      • I’ve only skimmed through/had it on while doing dishes or not really paying attention to both Beady Eye albums – one song I sing daily however. Whenever my 4-month old is on her tummy & rolls over, I inevitably have “The Roller” in my head, a good tune!
        I keep meaning to check out Noel’s stuff, haven’t heard anything beyond the one single about a gun

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Their first two records are definitely Oasis’s best work. This album was the very first record I listened to on my new turntable a few weeks ago. The band is reissuing “What’s the story” in the fall so I’ll probably have to spend money on that too. Interesting idea to stack up the album to the rest of their work.

    • That’s a good way to debut the new player! Works well as a side 1/2 as well with Supersonic as an opening track of the second side

  4. Morning Glory. Probably based on the memories I made in junior high listening to it. Thank you for getting some Oasis in my head:)

  5. Good review of the last album to change my life. I can’t speak highly enough of it.

    I recommend giving this acoustic version of ‘Live Forever’ a listen. Somedays I prefer it over the original, but they’re two completely different matters:

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