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Top 5 “O” Artists

August 5, 2014

Happy August!

Our new house is gorgeous, we’re semi-settled, therefore it’s time for the Os.

“O” ended up being a more difficult list to pare down than I had originally expected.

Sorry Ozzy/Ordinary Boys/other offensive omissions!


5. Ours
In a strange pairing, I saw them open for The Wallflowers.  Stranger still, the concert started somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6 p.m.  Good show though.

Speaking of good, Distorted Lullabies & Precious are a couple of solid records produced by a couple of notable producers (Steve Lillywhite & Ethan Johns, respectively).


4. Outkast
Best hip hop duo in my books.  Stankonia & Speakerboxxx/The Love Below made the 1001.

3. Odds
Excellent 90s CanCon.


2. Ozma
Top notch power pop – I’m surprised they didn’t make it as big as frequent tour mates Weezer.  For the last 15 years, they’ve been the better band.


1. Oasis
Likable lads? Not so much!

Consistent? Not consistently great at least.

But the highs were very high.

One of the Oasis mid-90s twin peaks is up next, enjoy!


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  1. Can’t really disagree with this. Oasis were amazing on their first two albums. Outkast are great too

  2. I only have one Odds album but I really like it so I can’t argue against their inclusion here even though they wouldn’t be in my Top 5. Nice to see Ozma getting some love. I have 3-4 of their albums and all are excellent. Oasis is a good choice for #1. They would definitely be high up on my list. Other nominees would be Phil Ochs, Opeth, Old 97s, OSI, Mike Oldfield, October Project, Roy Orbison, Owsley, Judith Owen and Orange Juice. I also got an excellent compilation by Ocean Colour Scene last year and they could eventually become one of my favorite O’s.

    • I’m thrilled to hear you’re an Ozma fan! One year I saw an Ozma/Saves The Day/Weezer show and despite being on tour with Weezer, Ozma’s guitarist came out into the general admission crowd and enjoyed their set with the rest of us. In our brief chat, he seemed like a real down to earth guy!

  3. I’d also include Offspring. Songs like ‘Come out and play’ are still great fun

    • Nothing wrong with ‘Smash’ – I was happy to see it on the 1001. The singer has to have one of the more identifiable voices in the business

  4. And in approximate Vinyl Connection order…

    le ORME

    • Tubular Bells is on the list – haven’t got to it yet. The other names, particular le ORME, are intriguing!

  5. Nice to see Ozma in there …

    • I’ve been singing ‘rocks’ and ‘apple trees’ fairly continuously since making this list!

  6. No offense taken with the lack of Ozzy. He wouldn’t be on mine either. But OASIS? I love Oasis but I think they’re a 2 album band…3 at best.

    • I don’t disagree with that Mike – I’d argue they’re #1 based solely on the strength of those first 2 records. There are some great moments from other discs (as I’ll discuss this week) but they definitely peaked early.

      I often/always compare everything to the Smiths – a band that lasted exactly as long as it should have. If they’d stayed together, and the material dropped off (a la Oasis) or they eventually released an ill-advised Christmas album, would the legacy be the same?

      If Oasis had done Definitely Maybe/What’s the Story and self-destructed, I think they’d be revered in the same way as a group that ended prematurely like Nirvana.

      • My buddy T-Rev used to predict Oasis was a three-album band. Be Here Now sure made it look like it would be. When Guigsy and Bonehead left the band, I remember calling him and saying, “It’s happening dude! Band is breaking up after three albums!”

        But you’re definitely right; had they not released all those other albums after Be Here Now, I’d be praising them today.

        Incidentally, now I think Be Here Now is their best record.

  7. ianbalentine permalink

    Kamer and Vinyl Connection beat me to the punch: Orange Juice and Ozric Tentacles would definitely be on my list. Love the first 2 Oasis albums, too.

  8. I have been surprised we haven’t heard from Outkast for a few years now. I thought they would last longer to be honest.

    • I saw they were going to be headliners for a festival in Montreal named Osheaga this summer – they’re a duo I’d definitely like to see live!

  9. Outkast is really pretty cool

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