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10 tunes in 10 seconds – the results!

July 4, 2014

Thank you for participating & a happy Independence Day to the bloggers in the USA!

The headache-inducing video…


…and the correct responses:

1. The Kinks – Afternoon Tea, from Something Else by the Kinks

2. Pixies – Here Comes Your Man, from Doolittle

3. Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter, from The Depaaaaated (and of course Let it Bleed)

4. Calexico – Sunken Waltz, from Feast of Wire

5. The Who – Armenia City in the Sky, from The Who Sell Out

6. Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill, from Peter Gabriel (I)

7. Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A.), from The Blueprint

8. Blondie – Hanging on the Telephone, from Parallel Lines

9. Led Zeppelin – Ramble On, from LZII

10. Faith No More – Epic, from The Real Thing


And congratulations to the medal* winners!

Bronze medal: Andy @

Silver medal: Ovidiu @

and with a very impressive 8/10,

Gold medal: Rich @

The “L” artists are up next week, enjoy the weekend!


*medals may or may not actually exist but the bragging rights are very real!

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  1. I’ve never been more proud of myself, but credit should also go to all the record store clerks, Amazon Marketplace sellers and friends who have traded mix tapes and copied CDs over the years for helping to build my collection to a ridiculous size. And thanks to my fellow bloggers/obsessive music nuts for inspiring me to focus on my passion more than ever.

    A final thanks to Geoff for putting this challenge together…and for including 8 songs that were pretty easy for me to identify (damn you, Calexico & Faith No More for stumping me…haha).

    • I’ve love those great moments where the ‘name that tune’ knowledge or some seemingly pointless trivia comes in handy – all the $ spent on music, totally worth it!

      My pleasure Rich – I suppose it would be boring to get 10/10 on the first one, now there’s at least motivation for a future challenge!

  2. Ovidiu Boar permalink

    Hmm, so all these hours spent listening to music over the years were not a waste after all. Who would’ve thought. Thanks for the fun challenge!

    • Thanks for playing – and they have slogan on the comedy network in Canada, “time well wasted.” Even if it is considered a waste, what a way to waste time!

  3. Yay, 3rd place! I’m going to hazard a guess that you only got 3 responses then :p

  4. ianbalentine permalink

    Of COURSE Rich won. The guy is a music mutant, and I mean that in the best possible way! 🙂

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