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10 tunes in 10 seconds

July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04

Inspired by a fun Cover Art Quiz over at Vinyl Collection, I’ve decided to throw together a challenge of my own.

Instead of 1001 albums in 10 years, I thought, why not condense things to 10 tunes in 10 seconds!

The challenge:

In the clip below, identify all 10 tunes and artists, half mark for each correct answer.  Repeated listens are encouraged (though my undying amazement if you can do it all in one go).

Some songs may be more instantly identifiable than others and all 10 have been on records reviewed here at some point in the last 10 months.

Please email your answers directly to me (not in the comments!) using the address prominently displayed in the video.  Correct answers/winners/honourable mentions to be revealed on Friday.

Challenge accepted?

Enjoy & Bonne chance!

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  1. Just emailed my best guesses (although at least 7 of them are ones I’m pretty confident about). I’m sure someone will get all 10 but not me. Looking forward to the results.

  2. Ah jeez. And here I thought I was gonna be taking it easy this holiday!

  3. Oh man! That is very challenging. Will have another try after morning coffee.
    (perhaps 10 tunes in 10 minutes?!!!)

    • I think coffee is among the materials permitted, if not encouraged – thanks for the idea for this, your cover art challenge was a catalyst!

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    I got two of the ten on first listen and know who did at least five of the others but haven’t identified the specific songs yet. You’re making us work to hard on a holiday.

    • I had a feeling you’d get #2 with relative ease!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Artist #1 was easily identifiable as well but the song is eluding me.

  5. Cool challenge. I got 3. Recognised one more but can’t name it. I think I could get a few more if I went back through your archive of the last 10 months so I knew what the shortlist of answers was …

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