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The KLF – The White Room (1991)

June 30, 2014

[Album 326/1001]220px-The_KLF_-_The_White_Room

For whatever reason (I think it was because of a board amalgamation), in my school board there are two elementary schools named after Prince Charles.

The solution to avoid confusion: the one in Verona is named Prince Charles Public School and its counterpart in Napanee is named The Prince Charles Public School.

Naturally, this amuses me.

Now I’d imagine 99.9% of my readers would hear the words The White Room and immediately start singing a brilliant 5/4 intro.

That however would be White Room by Cream.  Not The White Room by The KLF.

To be fair, The White Room (the title track) has a decent beat; it’s just not my cuppa.

That won’t stop me from finding a few nice things to say of course.

I generally approve of album bookends and here the ‘jusified‘ opening/closing vocal feature is no exception.

What time is Love? sounds straight out of a Rock ’em Sock ’em Hockey VHS, thankfully with considerably less offensive commentary about Europeans wearing visors.

The inclusion of pedal steel never hurts and it certainly enhanced Build a Fire.

A part of me hopes there was another group named KLF and the ‘The‘ was a copyright/confusion avoidance solution (a la The London Suede/The Prince Charles).

Based on the genre/influences/future influencees, there are albums on this list like Suede’s (or The London Suede in North America) debut that I was guaranteed to enjoy.

For similar reasons, there are going to be other records that I see why others may enjoy but I have difficulty getting too jazzed about myself, like The White Room.

Now White Room on the other hand…

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  1. Brock St / Brock Rd…all in the same general area. So confusing!!

    • Agreed – and speaking of 401 references, a happy Canada Day Eve Sarca!

      • Same to you, Geoff! We just returned from a trip to Hamilton. We left it as fast as we arrived (…don’t like driving in Hamilton…)

      • Yeah it’s one of those cities with some nice areas (the west end near McMaster) but some others that I’m happy driving through quickly!

      • YES!! True true true!
        There’s a video game store near downtown that the hubs wanted to check out. EVERY. TIME. we’re in H-town, darn place is closed. Same today. We’re never going back to H-town…

  2. I only remember one song by them… 3 am eternal or something. Not a band I enjoyed at all…

  3. Sample everybody else’s songs then chuck a dead sheep at ’em.

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