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Top 5 “H” Artists

June 7, 2014

Without further adieu…


5. Herman’s Hermits

Seriously?  Herman’s Hermits and not P.J. Harvey or Hole?!

On any other day, both should/could/would likely be included on such a list.  Time of writing is crucial to such countdowns though: blame the beautiful weather, blame my current upbeat mood because today, 60s pop just fits the bill.

Some songs are ruined by their inclusion in movies, others permanently enhanced.  Thanks to the The Naked Gun, the joie de vivre of I’m into Something Good adds (to keep the French expressions going) a certain je ne sais quoi to this montage.  Incidentally, Leslie Nielsen’s performance in the baseball scene = best sports comedy moment ever captured on film.


4. Hives, The
I had a blast listening to Your New Favourite Band.  A band on my ‘to see in concert’ list.


3. Hill, Lauryn
The years may not have been kind to Lauryn’s career.  What she accomplished prior to age 24 however is quite remarkable, culminating in the strong solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

I stand by the assertion that her line, “You said you’d die for me…Why won’t you live for me,” is among the top lyrics of the 90s.


2. Hot Hot Heat
One of the groups that renewed my faith in post-Y2K music.  Side one of Make Up The Breakdown is one of the better first sides in recent memory.


1. Hendrix, Jimi
I would have classified his albums under ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience, The’ but the list I’ve been using sorts it as Hendrix, Jimi.  And who am I to argue with the list!

I don’t think many would argue with his musical contributions and his continuing influence.

Not sure what ‘H’s I’ll get to this week, stay tuned!

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  1. hole and PJ Harvey all the way!

    • Good news! Hole has 2 on the 1001 list (Live through this & Celebrity Skin), PJ has 3 (Dry, Rid of Me, and Stories from…).

      Hoping to get to one of them this week!

  2. Hendrix and Ian Hunter would be my big H picks.

  3. Hendrix the only one here who would make my own personal list. George Harrison would.

    A personal favourite too has always been my home town boys Helix 🙂

  4. Reckon I’d have PJ Harvey in mine for sure. Most likely Hendrix, too. The rest of my 5 would include Emmylou Harris, The Hold Steady and the most excellent Eddie Hinton.

    • Forgot the hold steady – a friend loaned me one of their cds, the one with Sequestered in Memphis, one of the catchier choruses I’ve heard lately!
      Emmylou has a couple on the 1001 – I didn’t recognize Hinton, but after reading a quick bio, I bet he’s playing on a bunch of the records that are on the list.

  5. Heart! And the hubs mentioned Jeff Healey, which I concur. 🙂

  6. Oh, and might I mention Naked Gun is one of my all time favourite funny movies?! I kills me every time!

  7. #5 Strongly agree on how this song adds to the scene, music can make or break a movie. Even cheesy songs…
    #3 I love both “Miseducation” and the “Fugees”, thanks for including her, she deserves a second (third?) chance
    #2 Hadn’t heard that song, good one!
    Nitpicking alert
    #1 To be fair, List should have him under not only “H”, but “E” for Experience, and “B” for Band of Gypsies. IMO there were 3 distinct eras.

    • Thank you sir!
      I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked ‘The Score’ when I reviewed it earlier in the project. As a teenager, I didn’t get it (not guitar/bass/drums, no thanks) but my tastes have thankfully expanded since then.
      Nothing wrong with a bit of nitpicking (especially when preceded by an alert) – I’d support that notion. I struggle to see why my list has ‘Iggy Pop’ but then ‘John, Elton’ when both are stage names.

      • Jenn permalink

        Librarian approval of said nitpick – as Pop is considered the last name of the artist Iggy Pop, in that he is referred to as Pop when last name referral would commonly be used in a discussion, I would say his index entry should be Pop, Iggy. His standard author authority record is “Pop, Iggy, 1947- “. Bad indexing 1001 albums book!

      • Though the hard copy of the book may have got it right, I think copied & pasted an online version of the list into my excel spreadsheets.
        So I’ll absorb some indexing blame for relying on the world wide web & not manually typing each of the 1001 albums into spreadsheets myself!

  8. I met Peter Noone several years ago when he was in town for an Oldies festival and he was an incredibly nice guy, and looked amazing liked he’d hardly aged. And the scene in Naked Gun where the car chase involves a student driver and John Houseman is one of the funniest things ever.

    • That’s always refreshing to hear when a singer is quite pleasant in person – could not agree more about the brilliance of Frank Drebin & Police Squad!

  9. I have to be honest… I haven’t seen you review any music that I know or have been into lately. Am I out of the loop with music?? I thought I knew it all! 😉

    • That’s the big thing I’ve learned so far in this project – how little music I actually know!

  10. Nice to see Herman’s Hermits get some love. Other than them, your mention of PJ Harvey (both of whom wouldn’t make my Top 5 H’s) and Hendrix (who absolutely belongs at #1), we don’t see eye to eye on this portion of the alphabet. My list would be whittled down from the following, in no particular order (although the first 2 are essentials): Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Heart, George Harrison, John Lee Hooker, John Hiatt, Hall & Oates, John Wesley Harding, Roy Harper, Steve Hackett, Hawkwind, Hanson (yep, Hanson) and Ben Harper. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, but this would already be a tough battle for 5 spots. I don’t envy you having to make such difficult choices.

    • I can’t believe I forgot Buddy Holly – Hall & Oates would have been contenders for me had I remembered, and I should have as I voted for them recently in your poll!
      I haven’t heard any 21st Century Hanson yet but good to hear that it’s worth exploring.

      The beauty of top 5s is that they’re constantly in flux – I’d imagine if I wrote a ‘top 5 Hs’ in a year or two, there would likely be a couple constants but the list could look quite different

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