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Top 5 “G” Artists

June 1, 2014


The 7th and final musical note letter is another good one for artists.

As per usual, I practically insist you submit your Top 5 revisions in the comments below!


5. Good Lovelies
Many of my favourite Canadian groups lack a defined lead singer, such as but not limited to Blue Rodeo, Sloan, and Great Big Sea.  The three gals in The Good Lovelies also take turns on lead vocal and each does a fine job when handed the mic.  When the trio sings in harmony, the group name becomes more than apt.


4. Great Big Sea
Did I mention I like Great Big Sea?  If you get a chance to see them perform, see them several times.  This is not a band that phones it in.


3. Gaye, Marvin
How do you follow up one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time?  With another landmark recording of course!  Looking forward to exploring his third and final record on the 1001, Here, My Dear.


2. Gabriel, Peter
One of my favourite male vocalists, also with a hat trick of albums among the 1001 (I,III, and So).


1. Guns ‘n’ Roses
Is there a more potent debut than Appetite for Destruction?  A better whistling ditty than Patience? A messier or more enjoyable volume I & II combo than the Use Your Illusions?

Not that I’ve heard.

Peter Gabriel (I) and another ‘G’ or two are on the calendar for this week, enjoy!

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  1. Some good choices there man (Gaye and GnR)

    • Thank you Thomas – my only complaint is that only Appetite for Destruction made the 1001 list, no Use Your Illusions, denied!

  2. Absolutely on Gaye and GNR. I’m not sure about Great Big Sea, although for a while there, I was definitely into their music. I’m absolutely in agreement when you speak of GN’R’s qualifications.

    • Have you seen them (Great Big Sea) in concert yet? They’re one of those groups that I can’t say I listen to very frequently but I’ll go see them every time they come to town – terrific performers!

  3. Ovidiu Boar permalink

    I’ve yet to hear Peter Gabriel’s solo records, but his stuff with Genesis (my favourite G band) I find amazing. Kudos for the inclusion of GnR, I’ve been playing Out Ta Get Me a helluva lot lately. They had some great stuff.

    • And I’ve yet to hear complete Genesis records – so between us we’ve got it covered! Two of the genesis ones made the list (lamb lies down and selling England).

      Thanks for the kudos – have you heard Chinese Democracy? It’s not GNR circa 1991 but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

      • Ovidiu Boar permalink

        I haven’t yet, but I am a fan of Axl as a song-writer so I’m sure I’ll like some of it.

    • La Revancha del tango is on the list – I picked it up a while ago but haven’t explored it yet. Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll try to get to it with the “G”s this week!

  4. I’m going to have to go for Genesis, GnR, Gillan, Gov’t Mule and… um… GWAR.

  5. Tough one, right now my top 5 G artists …

    1. Giant Sand
    2. Grand Drive
    3. Lowell George
    4. Marvin Gaye
    5. The Gutter Twins

    – G’N’R lost out thanks mostly to Chinese Democracy.
    – Ghostface Killah lost out because I couldn’t ignore Lowell George

    • When I imported my Chinese Democracy cd to itunes, I changed the artist name to Axl Rose – through that lens, it worked.
      I’m not familiar with much by any of those Gs – I’ve got some homework!

      • Probably a very good way of preserving the G’N’R legacy, I reckon. I really found it a mess of a record, but I appreciate that he followed his path and created what he believed in.

        As for homework, I’d completely encourage you to check out the work of each of them. When I think about the inclusion of Giant Sand I really should maybe have opted for Howe Gelb, as his complete discography is immense.

  6. G is a tough one. I can only add Ghostface Killah and Art Garfunkel! I’m sure i’ll think of more later!

    • Sounds good – I’ll definitely be looking for blogging help when I get to letters like “Q”!

  7. Throwing in my recommendation for Genesis. I would start with Abacab – a very listenable record.

    • Good to know – from what I gather Genesis has distinct ‘eras’ – one fellow blogger suggested abacab was their last peak before changing direction in the 80s

  8. spot on w/ gaye and gabriel!
    beth gibbons and garbage..

    • My thanks – and considering how much I enjoyed Portishead’s Dummy and the self-titled Garbage, no complaints with those choices here!

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