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Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Come Find Yourself (1996)

May 29, 2014

[Album 316/1001]220px-FLC-ComeFindYourself

I like to bring my 3-year old daughter Holly to meet my students at track & field practice.

Although she’s quite chatty with the girls, I’ve noticed she’s very shy around the teenage boys.

Earlier this week, one of the girls suggested, “you’ll appreciate that shyness later.”

I laughed and then went home and put on Come Find Yourself.

– I reread the band name: Fun Lovin’ Criminals (FLC).

– I looked at the cover photo.

– I listened to the chorus lyrics of the big hit Scooby Snacks, “runnin’ around, robbin’ banks all whacked off of scooby snacks.”  Hmm..bunch of dudez lacking direction & making bad decisions while under the influence of drugs.

If FLC is an accurate representation of the male portion of the dating pool, Holly can stay shy as long as she likes. 🙂

That being said, I’ll put this in the Kid Rock (speaking of guys you want your daughter to date!) category: a guilty pleasure.  Some solid beats, decent lyrics (“up to no good, with no place to go but down”), and at times, it’s undeniably catchy.

Remarkably, even though I haven’t heard a note in North America by these lads since Scooby Snacks, according to wikipedia they’ve become major stars across the pond.  So I suppose add FLC to the list of  ‘one-hit-wonders’ that we North Americans have misclassified.

50 minutes of songs about shenanigans is more than I needed but I could easily see this one re-entering the rotation in the future.  Likely in a car, with the windows &/or top down like in the album cover, but I might pass on the toque.

Overall, for mid-90s alternative rap, I’d probably take G Love over this.

For 1996 songs about robberies & getaways, I’d probably gravitate first towards songs like Banditos by The Refreshments.

I wouldn’t give it away however; I’m glad somebody else did though as I was able to scoop it up second-hand for all of $2.

For that kind of value, consider my (admittedly modest) expectations exceeded.

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  1. Man, all these mid-90’s discs bring back so many memories. First it was on my front chart for a few months, then it started to fill up the bargain bin about a year later. For $2 that’s a steal. For any more than that, I’d pass, because you’re guaranteed to find this in a $2 bin somewhere (as you did)!

    • I’m guessing you had similar experiences at the record store with The Rembrandts’s cd & Bush (or Bush X!)’s Razorblade suitcase. Flew off the shelves one year, were prominently displayed in the bargain bin shortly thereafter!

      • YES TO BOTH! Oh my God Razorblade Suitcase! That was one of our most colossal flops of all time. Incredible flop. Expectations were so high.

      • I seem to remember trying to exchange my used Bush X & some other bargain bin staples for store credit – the clerk politely declined, they had plenty already!

      • As I would have too. I got my Razorblade Suitcase for free. A lot of customers would leave it there. “Nobody will take it, and I don’t want it taking up space, take it and put it in your bargain bin or keep it or whatever.” So I do have that album, and the remix album that followed it, for the same reason.

      • I’m wondering if I listened to it again now (17-ish years later), I’d feel Razorblade was unfairly judged. From what I remember, they seemed to do what Nirvana did following up the polished Nevermind with the messy In Utero. Whenever Bush got close to a clean melody (like the previous album’s Glycerine), they scuffed it up with some dissonant strings/distortion.
        That being said, I’m not sure if it was anywhere near as strong musically as In Utero was underneath all that fuzz!

      • I can tell you that listening to Bush in general today is an overrated experience. Even Sixteen Stone. Yes the hit singles and a handful of tracks were great — the rest are purely forgettable.

      • And I have forgotten – I had sixteen stone at one point and was thinking, OK I liked Machine Head, Glycerine, Alien, Come Down, Little Things…but couldn’t tell you any of the other tracks!

      • I think there was one called Monkey…that seems familiar…that sucked.

        My favourite was Come Down. I had the 2 CD version which had an acoustic take on Come Down.

      • I believe I had the 2 cd one as well – with an alternate take of Alien if I recall.

        Did they ever get to be called Bush in Canada again or are they forever Bush X around these parts?

      • No they settled for the name Bush with Dominic Troiano. They would have paid him “x” amount of dollars (see what I did there?) and they had the name back around the time of the 3rd CD.

      • I saw x-actly what you did there!

  2. I used to love this album ‘back in the day’ – a two year period where I thought these guys were ace. By the time Loco was released I’d moved on. Strangely enough I never actually considered them to fall into the ‘rap’ bracket. Maybe that’s because rap wasn’t on my radar then?

    Anyhoo, the second album, 100% Columbian, is a pretty good album. Though I haven’t listened to them in quite some time.

    • Rap’s probably not the right label – I found it had the g-love vibe with the spoken verses, sometimes sung choruses (Beck had some songs in that vein as well).
      I don’t know if enough artists have a similar sound to call it a whole genre!
      It’s one of those groups I hadn’t thought about in over a decade, but as you said, a fun ‘back in the day’ revisit

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