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Top 5 “F” Artists

May 25, 2014

Quick review of Grade 9 math:

Extrapolating is when you make predictions outside of a data set.  For example, if you have information on people who had studied between 1-4 hours before the test, you could use a line of best fit to extrapolate/predict the mark of a student who studied for 6 hours.

The Letter “F” is an extrapolating letter for me: I’ve got single albums from a bunch of artists that I quite enjoy but nowhere near complete discographies for any of the Fs!

Therefore, I will extrapolate.  Based on the strength of the one/two/three album(s) I’ve heard in my limited data set, I’ll project these as the Top 5 Fs:


5. Faces
If A Nod is as Good as a Wink…to a Blind Horse is any indication, Faces is (are? For grammatical simplicity, I sometimes wish they were called ‘The’ Faces) Top 5 material.


4. Fairport Convention
My conversion to Fairport fan was pretty swift – review #315 coming this week, almost as swiftly.


3. Aretha Franklin
There’s a reason she’s known as the Queen of Soul.  Two of her records are on the 1001 (Lady Soul & I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You), right where they belong.


2. Foo Fighters
If only for the effort they put into music videos in the 90s!


1. Fleetwood Mac
The Calexico tune Not Even Stevie Nicks got me back in a Fleetwood mood.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of their discography, but the pair I have (Rumours & Tusk) are gems.  Based on the very favourable reviews I’ve heard of the 10(!) albums prior to Rumours, I have no reservations about their placement in the top spot.  Looking forward to one day actually being able to include those albums in my (data) set!

Fairport Convention’s Liege and Lief & hopefully another ‘F’ artist or two are on tap for this week, enjoy!


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  1. I think this is the most your 5 had crossed over with mine. Although in addition to Faces, Fleetwood Mac and Fairport I’d have Free and… um… probably Faith No More. With heartfelt apologies to Foreigner and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    • Faith No More was probably my #6 – I only have the Real Thing thus far but was quite impressed by it.

      Frankie can take solace in the knowledge that Welcome To The Pleasuredome did make the cut for the 1001 at least!

      • I have a lot of time for Frankie… they fall down in regards to consistency. There are tracks that are pure genius but even Welcome to the Pleasuredome is bloated with filler. It’s such a shame cause the kaka of that album are so amazing

      • Haha my phone went crazy while I was writing that last comment. *The peaks of that album are so amazing.* Not the kaka. I’m not even sure that kaka is a word but my phone auto correct certainly seems to think it is!

      • Have you ever seen the site ‘the chive’? It has these great fake motivation posters, funny captions, etc. and one day they had this funny slideshow of ‘auto-correct fails’ – I think kaka would make the cut. I was thinking at first, I know I haven’t been to Scotland in a while, but maybe kaka = highlights is like “sick” being good here!

        I thought of you HMO when I hit post after putting the Foos on there, I know you try to adhere to a no-Grohl policy in your collection.

        From preliminary listens of Frankie, the production seems top notch

  2. Maybe I’d add the Fugees! The Score was a really good and creative album.

  3. Ovidiu Boar permalink

    Funkadelic! Maggot Brain is a mind-bending record, truly one of my very favourites.

    • It’s on the 1001 – haven’t heard it yet.
      Just checked that it’s from ’71, I’m interested to see if it’s a contender when you get to the best of 71 in the near future – it’s in pretty good company with sticky fingers/what’s goin’ on/hunky dory!

      • Ovidiu Boar permalink

        Good to see it’s on the 1001 list. Any other Funkadelic albums featured?
        Actually, I’ll put the whole series on hold after doing 1969 for a while. I have a few important 70’s artists that I’ve yet to listen to and don’t want to regret not including them, in the future. Marvin Gaye is actually one of them, I definitely need to get What’s Goin’ On as soon as humanly possible.

      • They’ve also got ‘one nation under a groove’ on the list.
        What’s goin’ on/Let’s get it on were both solid records, I prefer the first, that’s also likely because I heard it first. Actually, it was my first album review of the project, back in Dec. 2011!

  4. Faith No More 🙂

    • They were on the bubble! Once I finally check out Angel Dust, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made their way into a revisited top 5 some day

      • You gotta check out that album, but be good and sober when you do. If you’re not…well, I can’t guarantee what could happen!

  5. Fine Young Cannibals 🙂 (Their first two albums were great!)

    • Interesting choice – I only know the hits so far but he’s definitely got one of the more distinctive voices in the business!

  6. The Faces are without a doubt the best rock band of the seventies and maybe EVER. So I would of put them at the top spot.

    2.) Fairport Convention

    3.) Fleetwood Mac

    4.) Flying Burrito Brothers ( Come on now the birth of Country Rock with Gram Parsons )

    5. ) Fountains Of Wayne ( Power Pop at its finest )

    • Flying Burrito Brothers have an album on the list (Gilded palace of sin) – I’m definitely a fan of country rock like Blue Rodeo/Wilco, so that sounds promising to hear where the genre began!

      Nice call on Fountains of Wayne – I quite like everything I’ve heard by them thus far.

  7. jprobichaud permalink

    Hmm. I can’t think of a lot of F bands off the top of my head. None of the ones you listed (or were provided in the other comments) are among my personal favourites. Fleet Foxes’ debut was really good and I’ve gotten into Father John Misty. There’s also
    Flaming Lips but I only like sons of their stuff. Perhaps G will be better.

    • Flaming Lips – I really enjoyed Yoshimi! I read it was turned into a stage musical?

      • jprobichaud permalink

        I think you’re right. And yep, that’s my fave of their albums too.

  8. Probably the Mac are the only Vinyl Connection overlap here (Future Games in in our Top 100). So just for interest, another four ‘F’s might include (not in order) …

    Fountains of Wayne
    Flaming Lips

  9. What am i talking about? Plus the mighty (and mighty influential) Fairport Convention!

    • A friend recently loaned me liege & lief on a nice 180g vinyl – such a great album!
      This top 100 sounds right up my alley…

  10. Good to see theFaces get in the top 5!

  11. Just checking my own Fs and The Fall are the most recurring band under that letter. The Foos and, alarmingly, Fatboy Slim are well represented too. Hmm. Bit concerned I only seem to have a Fleetwood Mac Best Of. Need to rectify that.

    I found a mint copy of Frankie’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome on vinyl last year for very little money, still haven’t got round to playing it tho – maybe a blog post on that one? I remember when it was released and how the “rude” cover was totally lost on me at the time (I was 13).

    • The Fall is on the 1001 list 3 times – they’re one of those groups that some of my favourite groups like Pavement were into, but I know next to nothing about.

      Believe it or not, Fatboy Slim makes two 1001 appearances as well!

      That sounds like a good buy – I’ll always think of Zoolander when I hear “Relax” which I certainly don’t complain about.

    • I’m not familiar with them – looked them up on youtube and I’m currently listening to ‘let go’, I quite like her voice

  12. Nice F’ing post Stephan!- You are not going to believe an old alt rock fan like me bringing up “Five Finger Death Punch” but there it is anyway. And thanks to you and and all the others in this thread for not going with the worse band name in the history of rock-Foghat

  13. Sorry *Stephen – right-wing power metal fires me up!

    • No Worries – so far I’ve only heard Five Finger Death Punch songs used in the preview for NHL games, speaking of getting people fired up – thanks!

  14. Jenn permalink

    My favourite F performer is Fitzgerald, Ella. Perhaps a bit out of range of the list. However, if you’re having a down day all you need to do is pop on some Ella, or better yet some Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong duets, where they spend much of the time laughing together, and you’ll have a smile on your face in moments. Case in point:, I think she has one of the most pure beautiful jazz/standards voices ever.

    • I bought a music mag in the UK years ago and it came with a Paul McCartney mix CD with a bunch of his favourite songs and notes describing each selection. He included cheek to cheek as performed by Fred Astaire – great tune! The Ella/Louis version is fun.

      Ella makes but one appearance on the list, Ella sings the Gershwin songbook. In perhaps my least surprising discovery of the project, Ella + Nelson Riddle Orchestra + Gershwin greatest hits ended up working out just fine!

      There’s also Miss Ella’s playhouse of course, we were singing Molasses earlier today!

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