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Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (1983)

May 24, 2014

[Album 314/1001220px-TheEurythmicsSweetDreams(AreMadeofThis)]

It only took me until review #7/1001 to reveal my affinity for Annie Lennox.

What can I say, ever since Walkin’ On Broken Glass appeared on the Coca-Cola Countdown, I’ve been a fan!

Which made me a long-time fan, first-time complete album listener for this review; I suppose to be fair, she’s only one half of Eurythmics (Instrumentalist/Producer David A. Stewart rounds out the duo).

Incidentally, the 80s were golden years for the musical duo format: a big decade for groups like Hall & Oates, The Proclaimers, and the (ever-enthusiastically named) Wham!.  Thanks in part to the inclusion of their music in movies like She’s Out of My League, I’ve been especially pleased with the resurgence of Hall & Oates in recent years.  I’m not quite as thrilled however with the lack of H&O on the 1001!

The 80s duo format doesn’t get completely shut out though as the 1001 list does include three Pet Shop Boys records, one by Tears For Fears, and of course, this breakthrough Eurythmics album.

How is it?  Probably just as you might expect.

No individual track is dramatically better or worse than the others and the running order is well sequenced.  It is most effective as a side one/side two release; Sweet Dreams (the song) really ought to be a side opener, rather than merely a mid-album track.

The good news for Jennifers of the world/parents with Jennifer as a prospective baby name?  The song Jennifer here is a good one, albeit quite sad, but at least the name shouldn’t be inextricably linked to the song (a la Roxanne).  Special thanks to my sister, a Jennifer and a fan of deep voiced female singers like Tracy Chapman, who was instrumental in getting me to listen to gals like Annie (instead of just boys with guitars) back in the day!

If you’re into 80s synthpop, you’ve come to the right place.

If you were expecting the album to sound like Marilyn Manson’s cover of the title track, what were you thinking?!

I’d say overall, the success of this record has a lot in common with the success of co-ed ultimate frisbee teams: it’s the girls that make the difference.

And Eurythmics had a lovely low-voiced lady leading the way.

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  1. There was a fair amount of Eurythmics in my home as I grew up. I can’t say that I recall any particular album and while I don’t own any albums, I have been tempted when I’ve spotted this in my favourite second-hand record store. I guess their music has sorta stayed with me for that very reason (much like some of U2’s catalogue, Sparks, Rod Stewart and Runrig).

    • I picked up a bargain cassette of Sweet Dreams at a local second-hand store – so I definitely feel I got my money’s worth! If you see it for pretty cheap, it’s a nice low-risk investment.

      It’s interesting you mention the music in the house while growing up – I find ’83 is part of the gap in between after when my parents lost interest in pop music and before my siblings and I got into it.

      For that reason I may not instantly get into a lot of late 70s/early 80s stuff but I’ll struggle to ever say anything remotely negative about late 60s Beatles!

  2. In Canada we had the great duo Rock & Hyde! AKA the Payolas.

    • That’s Payola$ (can’t forget the “$”! lol

      • Oh! Yes of course!

      • All this time I thought the recent pop singer Ke$ha had swiped the $ from 90s hip hop artist Ma$e – I forgot about the Canadian connection that may have started it all!

      • I give all the credit to Gene $immons who did it on Kiss Alive.

      • Kesha dropped the $ by the way, LOL.

      • Talk about maturing as an artist!

        Fitting that Gene was a pioneer of the $ – do you recall the teenage fanclub album bandwagonesque? From what I understand, they had to give Gene some money because Mr. Simmons had trademarked the money bag with $ image that they used on the album cover!

      • That’s true! That was his logo for his old label $immons Records. He found out nobody had trademarked it, so he jumped on that.

      • Ever the entrepreneur!

  3. “I give all the credit to Gene $immons who did it on Kiss Alive.”

    As other comments show, Gene was always one to cover all merchandising opportunities. “I think it’s cool to see my face on a lunchbox.” I remember a Mojo interview when the topic turned to wealth. Gene’s reply was “about 200”. Interviewer: “Million dollars?”. Gene: “What else?”

    • I enjoy Gene’s magic trick: Want to see me turn a $1 bill into a $100 bill? (and then he autographs it)

  4. Jenn permalink

    It is nice to have a creeptastic haunting-type song with your name instead of something supper poppish. Thanks for the reminder!

    Have you ever seen this?
    Annie Lennox and Bowie singing “Under Pressure” with the surviving members of Queen at a Freddie Mercury tribute concert. The same concert features a Queen with Elton John and Axl Rose version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

    • Jenn permalink

      P.S. I never really realized that I do actually really like a lot of the deep voiced female singers but it is totally true! Amazing.

    • I hadn’t – but I have now and that is spectacular!
      Just reading about that 1992 show – I will have to see that concert in its entirety

  5. I have to be honest… Sweet Dreams is an annoying song to me. It comes on the radio and I turn it right away. It is in my head now… NO!!! I think it’s just played too much. Here comes the rain again is one I love though. Another annoying song… Would I Lie to You (on another album). I don’t know… for me Annie Lennox is better as a solo artist.

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