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May 23, 2014

When I reviewed Blood Sugar Sex Magik, I marveled at the physical similarities between comedian Will Ferrell & RHCP drummer Chad Smith.

The lookalike photo evidence:




Ever since, I’ve been waiting to see if they would ever appear in the same place at the same time.

I’m pleased to report that it has finally happened – on Jimmy Fallon, in a drum-off no less, enjoy!



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  1. That’s so strange I’ve literally just finished watching this on YouTube and then your post popped up!

  2. Dude, this was amazing! We watched its several times today already.

    I read a quote from Chad Smith about the first time he met Will Ferrell. Both of them knew about how people found them similar looking, but had never met before. Will Ferrell walked up to Chad Smith and said, “Hey, good lookin’,” and walked off! LOL

    • Brilliant!

      On the best of Will Ferrell SNL DVD, Jimmy Fallon drove me nuts, he just couldn’t keep it together during any of the skits. He’s found his niche as a late night host though, some great bits!

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