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The Everly Brothers – A Date With The Everly Brothers (1960)

May 20, 2014

[Album 312/1001]Adatewiththeeverlybrothers

There are times when I feel like a good challenging listen.  Songs with complex arrangements, unpredictable structures, dissonant chords & dramatic tempo changes.

Then there are times when straight-forward rock &/or roll is just what the Doctor ordered.

Consider the prescription more than sufficiently filled by The Everly Brothers.

Why I enjoy this record (and I do mean record, a $4 find at a Kingston flea market!) so much:

a) I recently had the privilege of playing guitar in the pit band for Frontenac Secondary School’s production of Grease, under the baton of esteemed Music Director Emily Cavers.  The students were ridiculously talented; I’ve been on a 4-chord rock ‘n’ roll kick ever since.

b) Nobody will ever accuse this album of being bloated: 12 tunes in under 28 minutes, not a single track breaking 3 minutes.  From what I gather, the recording process was also impressively efficient.

c) If every lyric isn’t sung in harmony, it’s pretty darn close!

d) The ballads (e.g. Always It’s You) are as effective as the uptempo numbers (e.g. Made to Love).

e) Lucille makes me smile, thinking about Arrested Development.  My only beef? There wasn’t a follow-up track named Lucille II.

f) It feels like the kind of album that would have been playing in the diner when Marty McFly went back in time (I know the release date is 5 years too late, but still, the feel is there).

Anytime an album reminds me of Back To The Future, a favourable review is pretty much a given!

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  1. Back to the Future news:

    In Seth Macfarlane’s new film A Million Ways to Die in the West, Christopher Lloyd makes a cameo.


  2. Bit of Everly Brothers, nice!

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