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Top 5 “E” Artists

May 19, 2014

Though one of the most popular letters on Wheel of Fortune, ‘E’ is not among the most frequent starting letters for band names.  According to my 1001 book, Sir Reginald Kenneth Dwight is classified as John, Elton otherwise he’d be a shoe-in here!

I have a feeling this list could be revamped considerably once I’ve had a chance to explore more Europe, EL&P, ELO, and Echo & The Bunnymen.

They may not rival the ‘B’s or ‘S’s in terms of quality or quantity, but there’s still plenty of music worth hearing from the 5th letter of the alphabet.


5. Eno, Brian
The closest I’ve come to a rant so far in the project? My lukewarm review of Brian Eno’s solo debut.  I have to give him credit though for being on the 1001 list more than any other artist, in many different capacities and collaborations.  So far I enjoy his work as a producer more than his work as a performer, but his diverse resume is tough to argue with.


4. Econoline Crush
I wasn’t crazy about their more radio-ready singles from later years, but their industrial sound from the first couple CDs appealed to me.


3. Ellington, Duke
I was pleased to see Ellington at Newport make an appearance at the beginning of American Hustle, on vinyl no less.


2. The Everly Brothers
Some recency bias is involved of course; favourable review to follow in album #312.


1. Eminem
Prior to posting, I searched for a recent SNL skit, ‘Before they were stars,’ from when Drake was the host/musical guest.  Alas my search was unsuccessful but there was a very funny clip (and spot on impression) of Eminem on ‘Felicity.’  Worth seeing if you can find it!

I haven’t heard any of his full albums from the last 10 years, but if they’re anywhere near the potency of the first two (The Slim Shady LP and especially The Marshall Mathers LP), he should be a lock in the #1 spot for years to come.

To celebrate the “E”s, reviews of Eels, Eurythmics, and The Everly Brothers are on the calendar for this week, enjoy!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Interesting picks. My top five would most definitely include (likely at the top spot) the band I saw live last night in Toronto: Elbow.

    • That’s one of those groups that I’m not nearly familiar enough with – good to hear it was a good show!

  2. With you on Eno and the Everly Brothers.

    I probably wouldn’t include jazz as I guess I hear that as an entirely different genre. Ellington would be #1 jazz “E” though, closely followed by Bill Evans.

    My other 3 rock/pop artists might include:

    The Easybeats
    Emerson Lake and Palmer

    • Bill Evans is certainly list-worthy, I quite enjoyed his Village Vanguard record.

      Easybeats & EGG are new to me as well, thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Wait, are the five bands/artists mentioned above all in the 1001 albums book? I have an older version of the book and can honestly say I have NEVER heard of Econoline Crush. Never. And I would like to think that, if a band has an album in the 1001 albums of all time I might have heard of them. Who are they?!

    • Thomas – somehow your comment ended up in my spam folder, just saw it now!
      Econoline Crush did not make the 1001 – they were reasonably popular in Canada in the mid/late 90s but I’m not surprised to hear they didn’t really make any waves outside their home country.

    • Canadian industrial rock band from BC. Worked with members of Skinny Puppy.

  4. I had an old Econoline Crush sampler cassette before the album came out. I was surprised they didn’t make it bigger than they did.

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