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Top 5 “C” Artists

May 1, 2014

The B’s are going to be tough to beat.

That being said, the Top 5 C’s aren’t too shabby either!


5. Coral, The
I had initially put Coldplay but then I thought, which CD would I rather listen to right now?  The Coral wins!


4. Counting Crows
August and Everything After was a surprising omission from the 1001 list.


3. Clash, The
London Calling wrapped up the 70s in fine form.


2. Cuddy, Jim
It was tough leaving Blue Rodeo out of the B’s.  Fortunately, Cuddy’s solo stuff is on par, and he’s back where he belongs in a Top 5.


1. Cure, The
Gushing to follow in album #309.

To celebrate the “C”s, reviews of Crowded House, Calexico, and Robert Smith & co. are on the calendar for this week, enjoy!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    You’re absolutely right. There are plenty of great ‘C’ bands also. I could list a bunch but The Clash is a must for inclusion. Can’t wait to see which Cure album comes up. And Calexico too for that matter…

  2. Glad to see Cuddy here! I did not expect that. Love Jim, saw him on his solo tour.

    As for the rest — I hate them all 🙂 LOL I own some Clash but I am so sick of that band now that I don’t know if I will ever listen to the two albums I own, ever again.

    • haha – love JC!
      I thought of your Coldplay overexposure when I left them off the list.
      I had similar feelings about the Clash’s radio hits – but the album tracks were too strong to overlook!

      • The radio hits are killing it for me man. I don’t even know what I’m missing anymore. Maybe I’ll have to do a Clash review, just to challenge myself. I’ve been taking it too easy lately, too comfortable.

      • When I looked at London Calling – I was hesitant, as the title track was on that list of inescapable tunes.

        The rest of the album (a double LP at that) isn’t nearly as overplayed – no debating staying/going or rocking casbahs either!

      • God I’m sick of the Casbah song. You gotta let that raga drop!

  3. A difficult letter to do… my C list would be completely different! Um… off the top of my head – Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Candlemass, Carcass and Celtic Frost.

    • I wasn’t sure how to classify Cooper – is it Cooper, Alice like the person, or Alice Cooper as a proper band name?
      He’s definitely list-worthy though, one of the most articulate in the business!
      Cheap Trick’s Live At Budokan is on the 1001 list.

      • You’re right. Strictly speaking, it was a band name up until Welcome to My Nightmare so in theory that should be A but… I’d say he’s more known now as a solo guy and has been “solo” for the majority of his career so I just lump it all in together. Generally in music stores he’s sectioned in the C bit! A bit of an odd one though.

  4. Lol – I read Jim ‘Cuddly’ !

  5. London Calling, one of my favourite albums of all time! And good to see The Coral in there too! Didn’t know if they had a following in the State or not.

    And look forward to hearing your thoughts on Calexico as well, they are a superb band!

  6. Totally agree with The Cure and The Clash, of course. I think CCR could also be up there, and the great J.J. Cale!

  7. A fine handful of ‘C’s!

    Five essential ‘C’s at Vinyl Connection might include…

    Cobham, Billy
    Cocteau Twins
    Cosmic Rough Riders
    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    • My thanks! CCR & Cocteau Twins both make multiple appearances on the 1001, can’t say I’m familiar with the others. That’s half of my reason for making top 5s though, learning new artists!

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