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Top 5 “B” Artists

April 13, 2014

The second letter of the alphabet series might also be the strongest.  Therefore, also among the most difficult to narrow down to a measly 5.

As at the time of clicking ‘publish,’ here are my Top 5 Artist names that begin with the letter B.

Please feel free to submit your own top 5s in the comments section.

Formal, written apologies for overlooked groups may also be requested below!


5. Blind Melon
No Rain is a great song, no doubt.  Even though their career was tragically short, there is so much more to explore than ‘that video from the 90s with the dancing bee.’  If Shannon Hoon’s voice sounds familiar, he provided some backup vocals on the Use Your Illusions, notably on Don’t Cry.


4. Beck
Supporting evidence for Beck coming up in album review #305.


3. Bowie, David
How is Bowie only #3?!  Blame it on the letter B.  If I’d categorized him under ‘Z’ for Ziggy, he would have been a shoe-in for the top spot!


2. Blur
A group I appreciate more every year.  Better songs than The Universal may exist but there can’t be many of them.


1. Beatles, The
They wrote 2 of my top 5 records.  Tough to top those credentials!

To celebrate the “B”s, reviews of Belle & Sebastien, Beck, and Big Star are on the calendar for this week, enjoy!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Soooo many great B artists to choose from. I think my own top 3 would be similar. I’d replace Blind Melon with Belle & Sebastian and though I do enjoy Beck, he might not be top 5 for me.

  2. Hmm. For me, the Black Crowes instead of Blind Melon, Black Sabbath instead of Beck, and the Band instead of Blur. Honorable mention, Barenaked Ladies. Re: Blind Melon: really not a fan of No Rain…Tones of Home is much better and so underplayed! Geez, these things are so subjective.

    • BNL = great performers. One of those groups I don’t listen to all that often at home but I’ll see them every time they’re in town. Plus, Community referenced them!

      • Haha, I don’t watch this show, but I might have to start now!

      • Season 4 was disappointing (change in writers for the one year) but you can’t go wrong with 1,2, and 3. The current season 5 is decent as well!

  3. I agree completely with Beck and Bowie. I would add Bright Eyes to my top 5

    • I’m so far only familiar with “I’m wide awake, it’s morning” but I quite enjoyed it. Is it the finest in the Bright Eyes catalogue?

  4. Black Crowes instead of Blind Melon for me too. Black Sabbath instead of Beck.

    Beatles in my #1 spot too. The Band…and Jeff Beck.

  5. Jenn permalink

    What, no Back Street Boys?

    Just kidding. I really like your top 5, except I’d likely replace Blind Melon with Belle and Sebastien.

    • The Backstreet Boys are coming to Kingston in May – I tried to get W tickets but alas, they sold out!
      I’ll be reviewing ‘if you’re feeling sinister’ later this week, it’s a keeper!

  6. I would second Belle and Sebastian, and would add Band of Horses, Black Kids and Bowwowwow…

    • Love Band of Horses ‘cease to begin’! Unfortunately that’s the only one of theirs I have. If the rest of the discography is as strong, they’d definitely be a contender

  7. Zack permalink

    I saw this post and thought you meant B in the same way people talk about B movies. Like these bands weren’t good enough to be considered A level bands.

    • It would be tough to call The Beatles a second rate group! Is that a proper definition of irony, that “b” letter bands are typically “a” level? After Alanis Morrissette’s misappropriation of Ironic I’m never sure…

  8. Can’t go wrong with ‘B’ – The Beatles and Bowie being the obvious choices. I would have had The Band in there though for sure!

    • I’ve got to check out The Last Waltz – if it matches the strength of the self-titled record, it would be tough to leave them out!

  9. I like your top five. But I’d add Belle and Sebastian, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Black Sabbath, The Band, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Bad Religion… wait, half of them don’t fit in with the Bs do they (I always use first names to classify CDs!!). I was going a bit overboard there. But you’re right about the Bs being hard to narrow down nevertheless.

    • I wasn’t sure what to do about classifying either – I ended up going with the order I found listing all 1001 albums chronologically.

      It seems to be if it’s a stage name, it’s organized by first name (such as Ice Cube, as opposed to Cube, Ice) but then real names are organized by last name, as in Young, Neil.

      Dylan will certainly make an appearance in the D’s!

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