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Air – Moon Safari (1998)

April 9, 2014

[Album 301/1001]220px-Moonsafari.air.albumcover

So what kind of music do you like?

I’m pleased to add two new (at least, new to me) genres to my answer: Downtempo & Space Pop.

Although I typically don’t approve of the term ‘chillax,’ it is probably the most accurate description here. The (chill + relax) compound word may be cringe-inducing but listening to Moon Safari is anything but: it is the chill sound of a relaxed atmosphere.

The terrific bass groove on La Femme D’Argent sets the tone nicely and the unlikely combo of handclaps & futuristic sound effects carry the opening track forward.

Elsewhere, Ce matin là features a warm horn & string arrangement that wouldn’t be out of place on a Burt Bacharach record. Every time it feels like the album is drifting into overly electronic territory (the vocal on Remember), there’s enough melody and atmosphere to maintain an agreeable balance.

With Moon Safari, The French music duo Air has created an album that reminds me of several previous reference points and yet overall sounds unlike anything I’ve heard before.

It is also a nice way to re-immerse in the 1001 project & kick off the weekly alphabet series.

If you like Downtempo & Space Pop (as I’ve learned I do!), check out Moon Safari : it’s a breath of fresh Air.

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  1. I remember these guys. My buddy and occasional co-writer T-Rev had this album. It never made much of an impact on me personally, but T-Rev was getting into those sounds at the time. You mentioned Burt Bacharach, and T-Rev had quite a collection of “lounge” music. I think he used it to woo the ladies! But he was also into electronic sounds and beats too, so I see why he liked this.

    • This would probably have worked for ‘wooing’ in ’98!

      One review I read put it nicely – teens would enjoy putting it on when they get home and their parents wouldn’t mind

  2. I like it OK, although I like my music with a bit more oomph to it. Agree with you about ‘chillax’ though, yuck!

    • For sure – I can’t see this as an album people would race home saying, I’ justgotta put this on.

      It’s more like the background music John Cusack described in High Fidelity, “I just want something I can ignore” – this will do the trick!

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