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Top 5 Songs With Male Names

March 11, 2014

Male-named tunes may not be as ubiquitous as female-named tunes but there are still lots of good ones to spare!

My top 5:


5. The Jam – David Watts
The Kinks got to be #1 on the girls list.  I thought I’d share the wealth and include the faithful cover by The Jam (from their enjoyable All Mod Cons) in lieu of the equally solid Kinks original.


4. Blur – Colin Zeal
I’ve been on a Blur kick of late.  The Universal is quickly climbing my all-time favourites list and Colin Zeal, the third track on Modern Life is Rubbish, is good enough for the #4 spot here.


3.Chantal Kreviazuk – Wayne
Yesterday I said it would be on a future top 5 list.  It appears the future is now!


2. Eminem – Stan
One of the more impressive songs in recent memory.  After each year of the project, I do a recap of favourite records from the previous twelve months.  The Marshall Mathers LP is an early contender for the best of Project Year #3.


1. The Smiths – William it was Really Nothing
I adore the song structure: one verse followed by three choruses.  2 minutes and 10 seconds of brilliance.  Leaving Frankly Mr. Shankly off the list wasn’t easy (nor was leaving Jeane off yesterday’s Top 5) but I suppose having far too many great songs to fill a top 5 is a nice problem to have.

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  1. Great choice in David Watts, dude!

    Here’s mine: Alexander the Great (Iron Maiden). 10 minutes of epic metal.

    • My thanks! Just looked up Alexander, I’ll have to check it out with proper speakers – looks like a good choice for an album closer!

      • Yeah it’s exactly what you want out of a Maiden closer.

        Perry Mason – Ozzy Osbourne. There’s my #2. Just because only Ozzy would write a song about Perry Mason.

      • And a good song at that.

        Now that I think about it, a first name/last name list wouldn’t be a bad idea – songs like Weezer’s Buddy Holly and BNL’s Brian Wilson jump to mind!

      • Oh very good, I hadn’t even thought of those yet! I was just about to chime in with my #3, which would be another Maiden tune. Genghis Khan.

  2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene!

  3. And I guess any song about Jesus!

    • There are plenty of those – Did you ever see Hamlet 2? The ‘Jesus’ one from that is the one that popped in my head, for better or worse!

      • I did see it, it was once a part of the LeBrain Library (open on weekends). It unfortunately did not survive the purge of Garage Sale 2011.

      • it happens – it’s not a film that really begged re-watching. His line “I’m in the wrong place!” had me laughing out loud though

      • I thought that was a movie that had a lot of potential in the premise, but failed to deliver as much as I wanted. Not bad, Steve Coogan is absolutely great.

      • Holy God, I need to change my #1. Me so stupid.

        My new number one:

        TOM SAWYER.

      • I should really do a google search before making these, I forgot Rush!

        I realized that yesterday with the girls list, can’t believe I left off The Beatles, either Martha My Dear or Elanor Rigby deserved to at least make an appearance!

      • Was Elanor is more a classic in my books, but geez, Martha My Dear is also so darn good. With songs & girl names, the list is probably endless! What’s songs? Songs that have a person’s name with a title? Such as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band? Major Tom (Coming Home)?

      • Even within the Beatle catalogue you’ve also got Sexy Sadie/Penny Lane/Polythene Pam/Michelle/Julia/Ballad of John & Yoko…But then the guys are reasonably well represented with Bungalow Bill, Maxwell’s sliver Hammer, Doctor Robert, Mean Mr. Mustard, so many choices!

      • Good call.

        Oh man, how did neither of us say this one?


      • This is fun by the way and I strongly request more of this type of Top 5.

      • Agreed – on both the fun & complete forgetfulness at overlooking Jeremy!

        Jeremy would also be a contender for me on a best ‘outros’ list

      • Up there with Epic by Faith No More! (which would be my fave)

      • An album I had on this weekend and am sincerely hoping to have a review for by the end of March, first impressions are definitely positive!

      • That’s great, glad you enjoyed. That band meant a lot to me back in the 90’s.

      • And I was pleased to learn my copy has ‘2 extra songs’ in Warpigs and Edge of the World.

        Alrightee, dinnertime, thanks for chatting, enjoy the evening!

      • You too man! Rock on!

  4. The Kinks AND the Jam. I’m in Mod heaven!

  5. Fine choice in the Jam – I am in lurve with Paul Weller who STILL has it.

    The hubs and I watched the entire series of the Wire this Fall/ early Winter. The show used Paul Weller’s version of Dr. John’s “Walk on Gilded Splinters” in one of their season finale montages. Such an awesome rendition. Totally recommend!

    • Ahem, not to be confused with Peter Robocop Weller…lol

    • I have yet to hear a discouraging word about the wire – and the weller association sounds like it only enhances!

  6. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    I love my dose of nostalgia on 1001 albums in ten years an whilst not quite in tune with the theme! A boy named Sue – by Johnny Cash…..

  7. Iron Maiden: Alexander the Great? Jethro Tull: Three songs with “Jeffrey” in the title? Jethro Tull: Michael Collins (astronaut)? Maiden: The Wicker Man?

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