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The Who – The Who Sell Out (1967)

March 9, 2014

[Album 295/1001]

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this video along with the (absolutely accurate) message, “this is right up your alley.”


The same can most definitely be said for The Who Sell Out (TWSO).

In the commercial spirit of this excellent record, I’ve compiled a quick ‘how-to’ of my own.220px-The_who_sell_out_album_front

I present the following advice for aspiring musicians:

How To Get a Rave Review from stephen1001

In 7 easy steps!* Guaranteed Results!!** Or Your Money Back!!!***

1. Make a concept album, but do it right.  Aim for something on par with Ziggy Stardust or Sgt. Pepper and pull it off like The Who did here.  Easy peasy right?

2. Destroy my first impression of your music.  I didn’t really get The Who’s appeal until I heard Live at Leeds.  If I respected the group after that one, I’m now a full-fledged fan.

3. Include some tasty tambourine.  The simple added percussion is the highlight of my favourite tune here, Can’t Reach You.

4. Fake commercials don’t hurt.  My favourite part of SNL/Rick Mercer Report/This Hour has 22 Minutes? The faux ads.  The promos sprinkled throughout TWSO aren’t supposed to be as laugh out loud hilarious but they are still fun.

5. Make the packaging a priority.  Check the album art above for inspiration.

6. If possible, be from the UK in the 1960s.

7. Most important of all, make each second of the running time count.  In the case of TWSO, all 2326 seconds represent time well spent.

Follow these steps & your favourable review awaits!

* May not be easy
** Results not typical
*** Refunds not typical

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  1. I used to love The Who back in my teens and twenties, but, the reverse of you, they have kind of LOST their allure to me over the years. Not the early stuff, but more the seventies stuff. Maybe I need to do a revisit. Cheers for the review Man!

    • They’ve got a couple others from the 70s I haven’t reviewed yet on the 1001 list (Tommy & Who’s Next) plus this, Live at Leeds, and My Generation. So far it’s the more grandiose/destined to become a CSI-theme songs by the Who that haven’t really been my bag.

      The Who Sell Out was quite charming though – I’d say start any revisits here!

      • My Genaration is pretty decent because it’s a quality garage rock record basically, but most of the bombastic cock rock stuff puts me off nowadays

  2. ianbalentine permalink

    TWSO is a great listen, still. And speaking of packaging, the Deluxe Edition of this is spectacular, and you can get it for about $10.

    • That’s good to know – I was still ready for plenty more after the original running order finished. And the price is right!

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