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Aerosmith – Toys in the Attic (1975)

March 8, 2014

[Album 294/1001]220px-Aerosmith_-_Toys_in_the_Attic

Tardiness etiquette as I understand it:

1. When being fashionably late is considered ‘poor form’:
– A baby going well beyond its due date (I was several weeks overdue…sorry mom)
– Arriving late to one’s own wedding (I was punctual here at least!)

2. When being fashionably late is considered, well, ‘fashionable’:
– Going on stage, after the printed-ticket start time, at the precise moment the audience reaches its peak anticipation before descending into restlessness
– Arriving to a party well into the proceedings and making a grand entrance

Which leads to my question: grand entrance notwithstanding, is arriving 39 years late to a party still considered fashionable?

Hopefully, as that’s how far behind the times I am at joining the Toys in the Attic party!  Last year, by comparison, I was relatively early to the Rocks party (finally getting into it a mere 37 years after its release date).

There’s nothing new I can say about these 9 beauts.  I’d just be telling the world what they already know.

Though if, by chance, anyone else has yet to RSVP, check this one out.  You’ll know the first two from side two, Sweet Emotion & Walk This Way (sans Run DMC).  The other 7 of 9 (for the Star Trek: Voyager fans out there) Toys tracks are equally strong, if not stronger.

Like me, I’m sure you’ll be glad to finally join the fun, better late than never!

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  1. Geoff, I wasn’t sure where you were going with your assessment of this album, but I finished reading it feeling like I needed the hubs to get me a copy of Toys in the Attic right away!

    • And, might I add, I hate being late for ANYTHING…

      • It’s well worth the investment! I think we were both of the sentiment where Rock radio overplay had spoiled a fair number of later Aerosmith tunes. Of all the overplayed hits, Sweet Emotion I think has stood its ground reasonably well. If you like early GNR (and I really do!), this one & Rocks both have moments that are reminiscent.

        And punctuality is definitely appreciated!

      • YES! GnR: 9th grade, swearing in music, defying my mom and my friend made a copy of Appetite for me which I hid and played on my walkman!

      • Nice!

        I was going to say, I don’t think there was any swearing on Toys, though the lyrics here have no shortage of innuendo: track 5 being the filthiest of the bunch

  2. I still haven’t heard this yet

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if a youtube search ‘aerosmith toys in the attic full album’ delivered the full stream. I found a used copy at a local record store, it’s definitely worth owning!

  3. Nice work-I hate to say that I was there for the party because that makes me really old….and we are still here!…The keg is a little flat now and the chips are stale—-BUT-the music still rocks!

    • There’s a great line in Anchorman, “We’ve been going to the same party every night for 12 years now…and in no way is that depressing.”

      So if the Aerosmith shindig is still rocking after 39 years, that is also in no way depressing!

  4. Better late than never! This is a brilliant album.

  5. I googled this album to see what songs are on it and it’s interesting to me that Sweet Emotions is on it. I thought.. no way I was jammin to that song in the 90s. Turns out that it was kind of remixed and re-released. Wow… I never knew that!! So that song is originally from the 70s?? Mind Blown.

    • I was surprised as well – as I remember the Sweet Emotion video, they looked like they did in the Livin’ on the Edge video! I don’t remember any major differences in the newer version, this older take’s a solid version for sure.

  6. Whoops, I thought I commented on this already. Anyway! I don’t know which of the first four Aerosmith are the strongest but this one is up there. This has a lot of great also-rans.

    • I quite like Uncle Salty!

      • Absolutely. The whole Aerosmith catalogue is peppered with lost tracks like that. Coney Island White Fish Boy. Let the Music Do the Talking. Kings & Queens.

  7. Sweet Emotion is an awesome song, and soundtracks on of my fave films, Dazed and Confused.

    • Great film – I trust you were as pleased as I was when Matthew received his golden globe award this year and said alright, alright, alright?!

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