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Destiny’s Child – Survivor (2001)

March 7, 2014

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As a happily married 32-year old father, I’m part of a key demographic for a lot of goods and services.  Though, it appears, not everything: there’s a good chance that ‘Destiny’s Child albums from the early 00s’ are not part of that targeted basket of products.

A quick scan of the Bootylicious lyrics (and song title for that matter), describing the setting upon arrival at a club (my typical scene?), provided an early indication I was out of my element:

“Better move Cause we’ve arrived
Lookin’ sexy Lookin’ fly
Baddest chick Chick inside
DJ Jam tonight
Spotted me A tender thang”

This song is about me!

That being said, I found plenty of nice things to say about the debut album from Britney Spears so a favourable review here will not present a challenge.

Beyoncé is the genuine article: business savvy, distinctive voice, and for anyone who saw her Superbowl performance, she’s a proven performer with plenty of stamina.  She’s been going strong since the late-90s and it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

The girls can sing.  The penultimate track, Gospel Medley, is a nice showcase for their harmonies.  Michelle & Kelly are probably quite talented but the album art is indicative of the audio mix: Ms. Knowles is front & centre throughout.

Survivor also marked an upgrade in the lyrics as song titles/chorus lyrics from previous records emphasized repetition to a fault.  Big hits included:
No, No, No
Bills, Bills, Bills
Jumpin’, Jumpin’

The first three songs here are very catchy and there are some other memorable ones like Happy Face sprinkled throughout.  None as excellent as their older tune Say My Name (I’ll proudly admit to being a fan of that one) but no completely atrocious tracks either.

Finally, I will be forever grateful to Beyoncé & friends for providing several math/accounting ‘songs of the day.’  Three of my favourites:
Bills, Bills, Bills when distinguishing between fixed & variable expenses
Independent Women Part I (and II) to introduce an Independent Study Unit, reminding students “it ain’t easy bein’ independent”
– The Beyoncé-solo hit Irreplaceable, notably the lyric “to the left, to the left, everything you own is in a box to the left.”  In Accounting-speak, Assets are items of value, things you own.  With a rudimentary Balance Sheet, Assets are listed in a box on the left.  So my thanks Beyoncé, the song couldn’t be more perfect!


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  1. I have to say, as girl groups go, Destiny’s Child ain’t half bad really. Not my kind of music per se, but you can do a lot worse.

  2. I don’t have any DC or Beyonce on my iPod, but I do find myself singing along when I hear their music. It’s not totally my cuppa…it’s like a stop-in to Starbucks because it’s next door to EB Games. I don’t often partake in Starbucks, but my Contigo is empty-o. lol

    • Contigo, glad to hear you’re a fellow costco enthusiast. Throw in Phantom Power & Blue Rodeo appreciation, no wonder we get along so well!

      • I actually bought mine at crappy t after a lengthy search for the best coffee travel mug! Glad you know the Contigo! 🙂

      • Of course – and I foresee a future ‘you know you’re Canadian when…’ list including “..when you know what Crappy T means!”

  3. “This song is about me!” – LMFAO – I spat my drink out laughing at that!

  4. 32, jeez yer just a young fella!

  5. I don’t care for Beyonce’s music now. In fact.. I can’t stand it. But Destiny’s Child’s music was heaven. I used to jam to this non-stop! Good times.

    • I can’t say I know much beyond the Beyonce hits -though I don’t know if I’ve heard anything since the massive hit Single Ladies!

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