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Led Zeppelin’s Finest: The Results

February 28, 2014

The entry deadline has passed, the results are in.  The sample population was small in size but mighty in spirit, there was at least one abstention, and a winner has been decided!

Without further adieu:

STUDIO ALBUM (3 points per vote) (2 points per vote) (1 point per vote) POINTS
LZI 2 1 1 9
LZII 2 1 7
LZIII 1 2 1 8
LZIV 2 2 2 12
Houses of the Holy 2 3 3 15
Physical Graffiti 2 2 1 11
Presence 1 2
In Through the Out Door 2 2
Coda 0


A gold medal for Houses of the Holy, a silver to IV, and a Physical Graffiti bronze.Led_Zeppelin_-_Houses_of_the_Holy

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for III, Physical Graffiti, and II.

Interestingly enough, Houses of the Holy is the only one of the first six LZ records that is not included in the 1001 list.

Thanks for participating – stay tuned in the third month of the calendar year for a look at several significant third albums.

Blondie, Green Day, and Aerosmith are up first, enjoy!


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  1. Nobody else voted anything for Presence?
    I suppose all their albums are that good that it makes sense, but how can you not love Presence?

  2. I’m pretty pleased to see HOTH take the No. 1 spot. Pretty astounded it didn’t make the 1001 list though!

    • I have to remind myself it’s the 1001 ‘you must hear’ as opposed to the 1001 ‘best’ – I’m guessing it was easier to omit Houses instead of one of the first four.

      Doesn’t make it right though!

  3. Hah, I love HOTH so that’s great! Can’t believe it didn’t make the 1001…

  4. That was fun. I too love HOTH — the album, not the ice planet.

  5. How about a poll for best opening track on an album? That surely has to go to ‘Immigrant Song’ on Led Zep 3.

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