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Top 5 Hockey Songs

February 21, 2014

I love the Olympics.  I look forward to them being finished.

Instead of being inspired into exercise by the feats of athleticism, I sit on my couch.

My blood pressure during the 3rd period of the Canada vs. Latvia game climbed uncomfortably high.

Productivity has almost descended into negative levels.

That being said, great job by the Canadian Women today!

As a tribute, my Top 5 Hockey Songs:


5. Kid RockWasting Time (at 0:34)

There are many popular songs with analogies I don’t even pretend to understand, including but not limited to:

Blinded By The Light – “revved up like a deuce?”


Baby Got Back – “I keep my women like Flojo?”

Every so often one resonates and sometimes the source is a pleasant surprise.  The man who claims to have (single-handedly, no less) put Detroit City back on the map has my favourite recent simile in song: “I’m in it to win it like Yzerman.”  Wasting Time is otherwise unrelated to hockey but that line alone makes the song Top 5 Hockey Song-worthy.

Steve Yzerman, the greatest Captain in the history of professional sports, is also currently serving as the General Manager of the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team.  If Canada loses tomorrow, of course every player choice will be criticized and he will be among the many thrown under proverbial buses.

If they win the gold, people will acknowledge (as they should, win or lose) he really did put together a good team.


4. Stompin’ Tom Connors – The Hockey Song

If I wasn’t a hockey fan, I’d think this was one of the more obnoxious songs of all time.

Annoying? Check.
Repetitive? Check.
An arena staple/Canadian classic? That makes a hat trick!


3. Tom Cochrane & Red Rider – Big League

Early morning/late night skates on backyard rinks, a hockey dad insisting his son is destined for greatness, the Canadian Dream on ice – derailed by a reckless car crash.


2. The Tragically Hip – 50 Mission Cap

Inspired by a Pro Set hockey card, the story of former Toronto Maple Leaf Bill Barilko.  The song lyrics say it all:

“Bill Barilko disappeared that summer.  He was on a fishing trip.  The last goal he ever scored won the Leafs the Cup.  They didn’t win another, ‘til 1962, the year he was discovered.”

Tragic story, great song.

Incidentally, I learned two new Maple Leaf jokes this week.  Feel free to replace ‘Leafs’ with a despised team of your choice.

a) If you see a friend wearing a Leaf jersey, compliment him on his golf shirt
b) Feign surprise when saying, “I didn’t think the Leafs had a website, I didn’t realize they could string three ‘w’s together”

*smiling emoticon*


1. The Tragically Hip – Fireworks

Frankly, the whole list could be Hip songs; this one is relevant for me on a couple of levels.

i) “Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish.  When you don’t let the nation get in your way.”  I believe that’s what happened this year with Team Russia: national expectations got in the way.  I agree with Glen Healy and the other commentators who were shocked to see Russia playing its KHL (The domestic hockey league in Russia) players when they had some of the best players in the world sitting on the bench.  That includes the most talented player in the world (Datsyuk), the planet’s best pure goal scorer (Ovechkin), and the best player in the universe without the surname Crosby (Malkin). My only guess is that the team/country’s vision was to make a statement, our KHL is a world-class league, and it backfired horribly.  I hope we, as a nation, don’t interfere with the Canadians tomorrow!

ii) “You said you didn’t give a ____ about hockey…You were loosening my grip on Bobby Orr.”  Another reason the Winter Olympics will be forever special for me?  It was during the Salt Lake City Olympics that I started courting the girl who would eventually be my wonderful wife.  Though she didn’t curse, she didn’t necessarily give a hoot about hockey!  Over the last 12 years, my grip on hockey has been noticeably loosened, my emotional attachment to any given hockey team is now all but non-existent.

With one major exception: Team Canada.  So while I’m thankful every day for my best gal, once every 4 years I celebrate another great love…of international hockey.

Go Canada!

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I dislike hockey…and I am from Sudbury – hockey town through and through! Born and raised…and got the — out just in time.

    Phantom Power happens to be one of my top 20 albums. Every song is gold.

    We were at the Clapton concert at the ACC in 2001. If you’ve ever been there there are hockey players and their numbers suspended from the ceiling. Waiting for the concert to start, I noticed Bill Barillko’s name and number. I turn to my husband and started reciting the lyrics to “50 Mission Cap”. He was familiar with the story but not a Hip fan at all. He was impressed that *I* would know anything about a hockey player, besides Tim Horton…I broke the news of how “I knew” to him. Eventually. 😉

    • Phantom Power is awesome!

      “She said she didn’t giver a **** about hockey and I never saw someone say that before”.

      • “You held my hand and we walked home the long way, and you loosened your grip on a fake cold war”…

        Great. Now I have the song in my head! 🙂

      • That’s certainly not a bad thing. Such a great song by a great band. I’d like to think that Gordon was watching hockey today. I’m sure he was! Heck our entire office went to lunch just to watch the game.

      • I think Canadian productivity hit all time lows this afternoon, what a game though!

        And speaking of CanCon (not meaning to brag, well maybe a little :D) I’m off to see Blue Rodeo tomorrow night!

      • RIGHT ON! Enjoy!!! Their new album is excellent!

  2. Hah, ‘scuse me “Hockey players’ names”, not actual hockey players suspended from the ceiling. Darn I wish you could edit your own comments. Sorry Geoff…

    • Phantom Power is a modern classic! There’s some real magic on there, the end of Bobcaeygeon is one of my favourite outros and there’s some really underrated stuff like Emperor Penguin as well.

      And that’s weird that wordpress doesn’t have an undo – I made a comment on Mike’s blog at one point and I think my browser was not responding. I must have clicked send a few times as the same comment eventually appeared on repeat – I sounded really enthusiastic about whatever point I was trying to make!

      Nice work on the hockey knowledge acquired through song!

  3. Bryn permalink

    I know what you mean about the line in Blinded By The Light. It was on the first ever compilation album I ever bought when I was about 10 and that line always puzzled me.

    • There was a dance remix that was big when I was in University – and the lyric didn’t sound like ‘deuce’ which added even more confusion!

  4. Kid Rock is an a-hole, but I agree, that song is pretty bad-ass. Can’t go wrong with the Blackhawks’ song, “Chelsea Dagger”, by the Fratellis though. And yes, that is coming from a Philly boy. Just don’t tell anyone. Nice stuff, Steve!

    • I often say I need a shower after listening to Kid Rock, it just feels dirty – but if he respects Stevie Y I can’t help but approve of that song at least!

      I don’t know Chelsea Dagger – I’ll have to explore. I forgot about the Flyers special version of God Bless America, that would be list-worthy as well!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this list. Can I add in Gretzky Rocks by TPOH?

    • My thanks & but of course – I still haven’t heard the Rheostatics one about Wendel Clark, will hopefully correct that soon!

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