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The Joy of Commenting

January 21, 2014

Tip #1: Avoid reading YouTube comments.

The comments section can often collapse into a cesspool of hatred & homophobia, ignorance & intolerance.

As the ever-brilliant Louis C.K. observed, he has a different set of values in his car.  A similar transformation unfortunately seems to happen to a lot of people when they park themselves behind a computer username.  Courtesy & decency go out the window, the mean-spirited comments begin to flow.

Tip #2: Always read the comments section on

Read my initial posts (if you insist!) but don’t overlook the comments section.  As fun as it is for me to post my reviews, a real highlight of this project for me has been the discussion with fellow music fans.

It’s been fascinating hearing what songs/records have resonated with you folks, what further albums are worth exploring, and where some of these artists are ranked on your all-time favourite lists.  All without a trace of the venom that is far too often seen online (though I will be reviewing an album by the band ‘Venom’ next month).

Most encouraging of all, even though our musical tastes could not vary more, this blogging community continues to be remarkably open-minded.

For this & more, I thank you.  Let’s keep the conversation going!

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  1. Youtube comments are the worst. So much hate and just bashing. Some videos call for that and want that kind of attention. I am still surprised at what people can say behind a keyboard. I have always loved music. I love what it does to my soul. I love that it can take me back to a specific moment in my life. I always enjoy reading the comments on your blog too. Everyone just talks and blabs about something we all have in common.. the love of music. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Angie – and your comments on the various albums are always much appreciated!

      • I play a lot of video games on top of reading/music. You would be amazed at what people say online there. It is REALLY bad. I heard though that now the system can “hear” certain words and will automatically block you if it hears one. Not sure because I don’t have an xbox one or ps4 yet. But it is BAD on the older systems.

      • Yikes – I haven’t run into that yet.

        The gaming system I’m most familiar with is the original NES and although Super Mario 3 was ahead of its time, I don’t think it had the live chat feature. 🙂

  2. Same as above. I disable comments on most of my youtube videos.

    It’s unfortunate that people use the anonymity of a keyboard to use language they would not use in person. I tend to do what my mom told me — if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    Sometimes it’s a hard line to walk, if you are as passionate about something as we are about music.

    • I’m finding I’m sharing a lot of mom’s guidance with my daughter these days, the saying nothing is definitely a good piece of advice.

      I’m all for passion, I find I enjoy when that passion for a topic is channeled into informed arguments.

      Not sure if you ever watch the Agenda on TVO? It’s a really good program where they actually have conversations/debates/discussions.

      I’ll take that any day over some of the ‘news’ stations where the panelists are shouting one-sided rhetoric at each other. Those panels feel like reading a post entirely in Caps Lock!


        No I have not seen Agenda. I don’t watch a lot of TV aside from Hockey…but I will check it out if I’m allowed to change the channel.

      • You could do much worse than watching hockey!

        I’m expecting my productivity to drop off as soon as the Olympic hockey starts next month

  3. I know what you mean about youtube comments, I’ve written manys a rant online about how people should stop being so offensive, homophobic, racist and needlessly mean on youtube. It really does brinf out the worst in people.

    • I can understand the mean comments as a reflex when driving a car (the Louis CK bit is well worth viewing and unfortunately, I can relate to saying some things I’m less than proud of!).

      But posting a comment online isn’t a reflex after a near-death experience, it’s just as you say, needlessly mean.

  4. Totally agree. I never read youtube comments. Blabbermouth comments are often pretty hard to take too. I’ve been delighted with all the interactions and people I’ve “met” since I started blogging. It’s a great community and you always get great insights and opinions. Like this excellent comment, for example! 😉

    • If I may say HMO, excellence abounded in your last comment!

      I enjoy the “met” in quotes – it would be easy for people to throw around negativity on these sites (given that the odds of meeting in person are slim).

      Which reminds me of why I enjoy this network of blogs – nobody stoops to that level.

  5. I never comment on YouTube videos, and I think some of the comments are mean, but sometimes the comments are more entertaining and hilarious than the videos they are commenting on!

    Since I started on WordPress, I’ve had fun reading and commenting…and getting to talk with other bloggers. This is a great community!

    • That’s good to know there’s still hope for comments sections out there.

      I’ve heard the comments are better than the show when it comes to the Academy Awards. Apparently for maximum enjoyment, have the broadcast playing, but pay more attention to the funny twitter comments as they happen!

      • Oh gawd, it’s true! The presidential debates on Twitter were hilarious! (I even contributed some zingers, but no one was reading…lol)

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