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The Thrills – So Much For The City (2003)

January 7, 2014

[Album 274/1001]220px-The_Thrills-So_Much_for_the_City_(album_cover)

A misleading band name if there ever was one.

At least based on the bulk of the suggested synonyms for the noun ‘thrill’ – adventure, excitement, kick, buzz, quiver, and tremble don’t really apply.

However, one listed synonym fits quite nicely: pleasure.  Any band that somehow creates a mix of Pavement, Death Cab For Cutie & Wilco, while still sounding fresh, is onto something!

There isn’t a miss on this debut and I’m surprised it slid under my radar for the last decade.  So Much For The City is one those albums that my friends would hear and say, “You’d like this for sure.”

One Horse Town is seemingly tailor-made for my musical tastes, a textbook example of a song I’m guaranteed to enjoy:

– its title, One Horse Town, is the kind of delightfully antiquated expression that’s right up my alley, it’s the cat’s meow!
– syncopated piano, great clean guitar tones & propulsive tambourine in the intro
– hand claps & harmonies abound
– the singer sounds a lot like Sloan’s Jay Ferguson
– though they may be provided by a synthesizer, the glockenspiel & horn hooks sound authentic
– if that weren’t enough, some pleasant banjo plucking is thrown in for good measure

What’s not to like?

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  1. You’ve highlighted another excellent, and overlooked, debut here. I haven’t thought about them in the last couple of years, but your post reminded me how much I liked them. I also have the two albums that followed, although I’m not familiar enough with them to say whether or not they’re as good as the debut. I just love the idea of young Irish guys sounding like Laurel Canyon singer-songwriters from the early-’70s. I will dig these out soon & give them a listen. Thanks for this post. Your choice of the word “pleasure” was perfect.

    • Thanks Rich – I guess The Thrills weren’t that big in Canada or just got lost in the wave of one syllable ‘the’ groups (even though they sounded very different). Somehow I missed them but very glad to finally catch them now!

  2. Wow — NEVER heard of this. You just Stumped LeBrain ™.

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