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Top 5 Underplayed Christmas Tunes

December 21, 2013

’tis the season.

Though in Kingston, the local radio station that typically played all-Christmas/all the time has abandoned the format this year.  I didn’t expect to miss it terribly but I suppose there was a certain comfort in hearing (the permanently enthusiastic band name) Wham! several times daily!

There’s a strong probability that none of the songs below would have made it onto the continuous Christmas station radio playlist.  Without further adieu, with the list subject to change daily of course, my Top 5 underplayed Christmas tunes:

5. The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)
I’ve been on a Darkness kick lately.  I believe this was a massive hit in the UK but it remains relatively unknown in Canada.


4. The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York
Another major hit across the pond that I heard for the first time a few years ago – it would be a shame to only listen to it at Christmas!


3. Billy Mack – Christmas is All Around
There was a debate on CBC’s Q yesterday as to whether the film Love Actually deserved ‘Modern Christmas Classic’ status.  I’d say it does – along with Elf and the first Die Hard – Bill Nighy’s brilliant performance as the aging Rock Star Billy Mack provides some irrefutable supporting evidence!


2. Community – anything from the Season 3 Regional Holiday Music episode
Forget the mostly misfired season 4 of Community: seasons 1-3 contain some of the finest footage ever committed to film.  Any of the gleeful songs from this episode would do the trick nicely, the two links just happened to be the highest quality clips I could find.


1. A Muppet Family Christmas – The Closing Christmas Carol medley
Much like the second side of Abbey Road, some things are meant to be played uninterrupted & in their entirety.  From perhaps the finest Christmas special of them all, the finest Christmas medley.


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  1. Hip hip hooray for The Darkness! Love that song.

  2. I always love the Boys II Men song Let it Snow and I never hear it played. 😦

    • I don’t know that version – I did see a Boyz II Men Christmas cassette in a Value Village the other day though, I may have to invest!

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