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Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1977)

December 4, 2013

[Album 266/1001]220px-FMacRumours

Usually by album #11 in a discography, bands will release a Greatest Hits Collection.

Listening to Rumours, it sounds like Fleetwood Mac did just that.

Full of hits and familiar tunes, yes, but instead of a retrospective compilation, this was a studio album of entirely new material.

I will forever associate Don’t Stop with Bill Clinton & Gold Dust Woman with the solid Hole cover, both reference points becoming increasingly positive over time.  Dreams, Never Going Back Again, Go Your Own Way and You Make Loving Fun are among the other tunes likely to elicit the reaction, “Oh yeah, I like this song!”

The strange thing about my recent immersion in this record is that for its timeless, classic status, I’d argue there’s only one truly great song in the set.  Ten other very good songs of course, a soap opera behind the scenes to further boost the legacy, but only the opener of side two stands out to me as individually spectacular.

Few songs are as spectacular as The Chain: the delicious dobro, the propelling bass & pounding kick drum, the triple vocal harmony.  On the all time top ten, no question.

Which would make the whole Rumours package greater than the sum of its parts and perhaps that’s what makes this such a a great record.  That may be a defining characteristic of many other classic albums as well.

Sadly, I’m embarrassingly unfamiliar with their complete albums outside of Rumours and Tusk.  A problem I hope to rectify, maybe not in the next eight years, but it’s certainly on my long range to-do list!

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  1. Love this album soooo much. Went to their concert back in like 2003. Was sooo fun. Go Your Own Way = Epic. The Chain is a cool and interesting song to me. Don’t Stop is actually my least favorite song. Maybe because it is constantly played. You Make Lovin Fun is a good song too. The album cover art is pretty magical too. Love this!

    • I’ve heard great things about their live shows – Lindsay Buckingham in particular is supposed to be something else!

  2. I do like this album but I was always more of a Tango in the Night sort of guy!

    • And it looks like that was album #14 in their discography – this was not a band that peaked early!

      • Definitely not, although they’ve had so many different incarnations its more like a bunch of different bands that just shared a name!

      • I’ve been quite appreciative of Wikipedia for this project – I looked at the ‘past band members’ for Fleetwood Mac, it looks like 4 current, 12 others past!

      • That’s less than I’d have guessed actually! It’s strange, hearing Rumours, to imagine they started out as a Blues band.

      • I recall you had an early Fleetwood Mac reissue as a ‘how tempting’ recently – did you end up investing? If so, your thoughts?

      • I did buy that one. It’s a great album. Well worth getting!

  3. Love this album. Such a classic

  4. This really is an excellent album. It’s hard not to like, and I think most people like at least a song or two from Rumours. Here is a band that could really play, and they were also so good at songcraft. The inner tormoil and everything just made them better.

    • Yeah anyone making the blanket statement of ‘I hate Fleetwood Mac’ just comes across as ignorant – there are so many sounds that surely something in their discography (or even within a given album) must be appealing!

      • Yeah I’d agree with that! For me, the hook initially was Lindsay Buckingham, I’d never heard anyone play guitar like that before. Stevie Nicks’ voice was an acquired taste. But she’s great.

  5. Nice post. Go Your Own Way takes some beating in my opinion. I love the acoustic guitar and Buckingham’s vocal is just brilliant.

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