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Fats Domino – This is Fats (1956)

November 1, 2013

Movember 1, 2013
This month’s blog theme requires very little in the way of an introduction.  Clearly it’s that time of year again (the most wonderful/sketchiest time of the year depending on whom you ask), the time to acknowledge the marvellous musical moustaches of the world!  In no particular order, I’ll look at 10 of the finest from the 1001 list (to supplement last year’s top 10 that didn’t make the 1001).

[Album 256/1001]

Appropriate album name, ironic artist name at least with regards to his facial hair.  Fats Domino - This Is Fats

This is Fats is classic WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  12 tunes in less than half an hour, mostly variations on the 12 bar blues.  From what I gather, this was one of the key early records to bridge R&B and Rock and there’s very little to complain about anywhere in the set.

The album flies by so quickly that I would often have two listens in one sitting.

The cartoon-like cover sets the tone: it’s boogie woogie fun.  There’s really not much to say beyond that.

Good work by “The Fat Man” with the slender ‘stache!

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  1. I love these old style album covers too.

    Great to see you got a start to Movember! I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing for Movember yet, but I did just get two new Thin Lizzy reissues. Sounds like Lynott will be getting some moustache love this month…

    • I forgot about Phil – Live And Dangerous has just worked its way into the Movember playlist, thanks for the idea!

      • No problem! My local station played Boys Are Back In Town today as one of their first “Movember” songs.

      • Appropriate song selection for Prostate Cancer Awareness month as well – love those guitarmonies!

      • So good! There have been a few good songs played so far for Movember, but I always look forward to the inevitable Frank Zappa song…who did die of cancer although I’m not sure which kind.

      • Just had Hot Rats on during my run this morning – that fiddle on Willie The Pimp is something else!

  2. Funny thing about him is that he really had a great voice that was always buried deep behind the piano on all his recordings

    • And the recording quality on the version I listened to was not very good (Blueberry Hill was particularly crackly) – but fine performances!

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