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Pixies – Doolittle (1989) & Bossanova (1990)

October 28, 2013

[Albums 254 & 255/1001]


Though critically acclaimed, Pixies never quite achieved major commercial success.

I’d argue if these two very good albums were merged, the merger would result in one phenomenal record.

My proposed Doo-Nova tracklist:

Pixies: Doo-Nova (88/89)

1. Debaser

2. Tame

3. Wave of Mutilation

4. I Bleed

5. Here Comes Your Man

6. Monkey Gone To Heaven

7. La La Love You

8. Cecilia Ann

9. Rock Music

10. Velouria

11. Dig For Fire

12. The Happening

13. Stormy Weather

14. Havelina

Even if I didn’t think either was individually spectacular, that doesn’t mean I was able to stop listening.  This is a pair of addictive records.

I am also forever grateful to Pixies for their impact on countless groups, including but nowhere near limited to:

Weezer – Their Velouria cover was my introduction to Kim Deal & co.  Some of her harmonies have the same ethereal quality of Matt Sharp’s under appreciated falsetto work.

Modest Mouse – The Happening reminds me of with some of the best moments from We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.  Black Francis (Pixies) walks that same fine melodic/annoying vocal line as MM’s Isaac Brock.

Pavement – Likely used Stormy Weather as a blueprint for a few tunes from the Slanted & Enchanted/Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain period.

Throw in some moments reminiscent of future sounds by Death Cab for Cutie, Nirvana, & even Radiohead, it’s clear the magnitude (pop, pop!) of Pixies’ influence has been enormous & diverse.

And for that, much obliged.

Thus ends 2-for-1 October.

November of course will acknowledge ‘Mo’vember in some capacity, thanks for reading & commenting!


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  1. Great post. I think Pixies are more successful now than when they were regularly releasing material. However, it could be interesting to speculate what they might have been like had they not split in 1992 and instead continued to release albums akin to the (let’s face it) underachieving Trompe La Monde.

    While my admiration for Doolittle knows no bounds I admit to having a soft spot for Bossanova. I love the surf guitars on some tracks (and you can’t have enough Theramin!) and it was during their UK tour of this album in October 1990 that I first saw them live. It was also an album my girlfriend and I played to death. I know every note.

    For those reasons I’m afraid I can’t support your album merger idea. Both are too special in their own right!

    Your post has got me thinking about dragging these down from the attic and giving them spin. My Bossanova even has the original artwork book so I might put some pictures up on the site.

    (Nice Community reference by the way, I think only 4 people in the UK would have got that! It’s a very neglected show over here).

    • My thanks – I have a feeling Community may be like Pixies, only fully appreciated once it’s gone!

      I was talking with my sister about it recently – I think if I were born 5 years earlier, Pixies would have been my early-Weezer/Pavement.

      Not having grown up listening, I don’t think I’ll ever feel the full magic like the others I adored in those critical musical formative years that make up high school.

      Either way, these 2 albums are aging just fine, I’m sure if you break them back out, all the notes will sound just as they should!

  2. I don’t know why this band doesn’t get more respect than countless bands that followed them and were inspired by them-I will just throw in Nirvana as one glaring example of this rock min-injustice. Some of their songs don’t just stay in your head-they bore a place in your skull and become part of you—I am going to hit MGTH right now -Great post!

    • Absolutely, I have not been able to stop singing a few of the tunes (MGTH is one of them!)’ throughout October – and my thanks!

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