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The Kinks – Face to Face (1966) & Something Else by The Kinks (1967)

October 25, 2013

[Albums 250 & 251/1001]


Yesterday my daughter found a copy of Mad Libs and naturally asked, “What’s Mad Libs?”

So we attempted a story and (perhaps unsurprisingly as she is all of three years old) our story drifted away from the Mad Libs framework & ended up considerably more tame than most others I’ve heard.  Spoiler alert: The Witch cast a spell but then the Prince arrived.

That writing experience inspired me to create a fill-in-the-blanks, non-fiction story (with slightly fewer Princesses) of my own.  See below for two alternate versions, enjoy!

The Mad Libs-esque Story:



And Two Possible Word Lists (one immediately relevant to this post, the other had a lot of parallels that surprised me):


POST-SCRIPT: In the event the story was too cryptic, I was a big fan of both records.  Especially the two aforementioned ‘Afternoon’ songs, the bass line from Afternoon Tea is one for the books.  Terrific.

If The Kinks are underrated, considering Detroit acquired him for $1, Kris Draper was perhaps the most undervalued player in NHL history.

I’d be very interested in hearing if other athletes/actors/artists from other genres would fit within this framework.  I’m guessing there are plenty of equally under-appreciated talents out there.

In addition to life being generally busy, I blame these records (as well as The Pixies & Rolling Stones records I’ve been continuously listening to) for my relative lack of October blogging!

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  1. Love The Kinks!

    • Perhaps the most underrated group of the 20th century!

      • Definitely under rated for sure. Not as much so here in the UK perhaps, but certainly over in the States. Of the ‘big five’ in the 60’s they rival The Beatles and Stones on their day I think, and I prefer them to The Who. I love the Small Faces but The Kinks just win that contest because they released more.

      • Glad to hear they got some of the recognition they deserved in the UK – Small Faces I’ve heard great things about but I’m not too familiar with beyond Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake.

        I was really impressed by the later version of the group, The Faces, and ‘a nod is as good as a wink…’

      • Yeah the faces were amazing as well. To have Steve Marriott and then Rod Stewart is pretty impressive! You should check out Ronnie Lanes solo stuff as well

      • Not a bad second choice for a lead singer for sure – and it was Ronnie Lane’s ‘debris’ that impressed me the most from that Faces album. I shall have to explore more of his stuff!

      • Definitely do so, it’s much more folksy, kind of like Debris. Great stuff.

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