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Belle & Sebastian – “Tigermilk” (1996)

September 10, 2013

[Album 234/1001]

I’ll let Kramer introduce the general lack of suspense and/or twist endings with this review:

Big surprise, this one worked for me!BelleAndSebastianTigermilk

The pleasing arrangements (really nice trumpet lines), gentle vocals, as agreeable as it is ignorable.

Which is why I find this High Fidelity scene so curious:

Though Jack Black I suppose is rarely subtle, it’s hard to imagine such a peaceful sound eliciting such a strong response in either direction!

Call it ‘Sad Bastard’ music if you must; it should also be called the perfect unobtrusive music to have on at work.


From → 1990s

  1. All three of Belle and Sebastian’s albums which were produced in the 90’s (If you’re feeling sinister; The boy with the arab strap) are awesome. You should check them out. 😉
    BTW, thank you for putting up the High fidelity bid. I had forgotten about this movie!!

    • My pleasure – I think High Fidelity clips will keep making appearances, just so many quotable scenes!

      This is the only one I’ve heard so far, but clearly so far so good. If you’re feeling sinister’s on the 1001 list so I’ll certainly be exploring that one soon!

      • I’m loving the concept behind your blog by the way. How did you decide which albums to put on your review list?

      • My thanks – actually the decision work was done for me, it’s a hardcover book ‘the 1001 albums you must hear before you die.’

        I typically stick to a monthly theme but otherwise I’m not really going in a particular order.

        They revise the 1001 list every few years (I’m going through the 2005 edition) but keep it at 1001 total. So by the time I finish the project (by 2021) the 1001 list may look quite a bit different!

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