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Bill Evans Trio – Sunday at the Village Vanguard (1961)

July 29, 2013

[Album 217/1001]220px-Sunday_at_the_Village_Vanguard

1961: not a banner year for music.

The post-Rock & Roll/pre-Beatles void is evidenced by only one album being deemed ‘must hear’ prior to death.

Fortunately, the shortage of quantity was redeemed by this album’s quality.

A trio is a good test of musicianship: no room to hide.  No doubts about the players here, top notch performances all around.

Enough of these self-imposed 60-words or less posts!  After being accused, maybe once or twenty times, of being a tad verbose, it was a good exercise for me but I’m ready to go back to being less cryptic and more long-winded.

Summertime growing up meant music festivals & outdoor concerts.  The Bill Evans Trio record got me interested in checking out more concert recordings.  Therefore August will be dedicated to live albums: no review restrictions, as long as it wouldn’t be classified as a ‘studio’ record, it’s eligible.  Enjoy!

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